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  • [quote author=Loca4Christ link=topic=5085.msg85632#msg85632 date=1208027200] Sorry this is late but welcome to the site i hope and i know that you will enjoy it. [/quote] thank u eldo
  • [quote author=shnoda link=topic=5085.msg69667#msg69667 date=1176397434] hi eveldo, welcome to this great site. i just wanted to add of our most greatest monistries is El Sorian Monistry in Wadi El Natroon "eypt".it is named after the g…
  • [quote author=fatcopticmike link=topic=5085.msg68483#msg68483 date=1173754405] The coptics actually recieved ther St. Matthew Gospel from the Indians, when I think St. Clement or Origen went to india to preach, but found a strong church, and came ba…
  • [quote author=epshiri link=topic=5096.msg68447#msg68447 date=1173716488] do we have to know coptic cos my church now has: arabic lessons coptic lessons coptic hymn lessons arabic hymn lessons decon lessons decon meetings holy dicussions (they are r…
  • [quote author=lsalsa link=topic=5085.msg68414#msg68414 date=1173571627] HI bro or sis, we sure are one church. Guess wut last year we had a spiritual competition in California between- syriac, coptic and Armenian orthodox youths. We had to study the…
  • [quote author=Bespetna link=topic=3862.msg54443#msg54443 date=1147293408] Hey, I was going threw google and found your site :). I am a member of the Coptic Orthadox Church :). My name is beshoy. I can't wait to chat with all of you and have a good t…
  • [quote author=angelofGOD link=topic=620.msg10965#msg10965 date=1094677499] I was just wondering what church everyone was from? I'm from St. George and St. Shenouda church, Jersey City New Jersey.  ;D [/quote] hi i from st marys cathedral bangalore…
  • [quote author=egyptgirl717 link=topic=4787.msg65290#msg65290 date=1166805613] Hello everyone, i'm new here... & i'm from St- Paul church in new jersey in christ Jane [/quote] hi welcome jane i am from india a syrian xian nice to meet u
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