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  • Dude.....are you serious? with all due respect, you definitely stole that from Mo3allem Rafik Nashad El-Souriany. You sacrficed? running an arabic song through a translator doesn't really count. God Bless and Happy New Year!!  :) :) :)
  • thank you so much for your help :) those phrases that you just suggested work perfectly, thanks David
  • thank you so much for the really educated posts and yes it is the typical small coptic cross with a simple phrase that helps me continue my role for Christ on this earth. As for the phrase itself, thanks for helping you know if there is a s…
  • i just want help with my little dilemna, jeez, if u think they're wrong...fine, but that is not what I asked...look at my first post for this topic and try and help me please...anyone?
  • it is a simple coptic cross with that phrase under it i do not plan to defile my body with any other form of tatoos...this one is to remind me of my role to be bold for Christ. anyway....can anybody help me?
  • answer tishouri's questions before mine haha i didnt realize his issue wasnt resolved yet. thankes much
  • Heyy this is for anybody who can help, How would you say "dare with boldness" in coptic? Not "we may dare with boldness" like in the liturgy, but just "dare with boldness". I understand that "we may dare with boldness" goes along the lines of enerto…