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  • [quote author=Unworthy1 link=topic=11631.msg139802#msg139802 date=1308347942] What about his sons, do they know English? Beside Arsani Sidarous (who doesn't record much english), there is no real individual akin to Ibrahim Ayad in the U.S. . .is t…
  • iAlhan 2.0 version is available on the appstore. The new version includes the following: + iPad 3.2 support + Landscape/Portrait support + Multitasking, can now listen to hymn with application closed + Notification of content update + Image indicato…
  • Not at the moment, but this could be added easily, just takes a whole lot of time recording :-) Once it's recorded it could get added and you should get the updates automatically once you start the app without the need for an upgrade. God willing we…
  • To answer some of the posed questions The application should work on the iPad, although it was not designed for it like any other iPhone/iPod application. As for typing in Coptic, that could be done but within an app that has the font embedded (li…