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  • I didn't read through all of this but i think prom is fine..... I mean go w/ a friend then just go home... thats what my friends older sister did and she is so happy she didn't miss it.. i think its a good memory i understand why some of u wouldn't …
    in Prom? Comment by itsalwaysmee July 2006
  • a crush is mostly based on looks and a lot of other outer stuff that everyone sees. not nessassarily.... you see my friend (seriously its my friend) had a crush on this guy and i'm not saying that hes ugly becuz no ones ugly, everyone is an image of…
  • Thanx charitablesoul for doing that for me :) my computer wasn't working very well. Ha i've been here for a couple of days and i've already made a friend. I love it here. :) thankyou
    in neww Comment by itsalwaysmee July 2006
  • but wait, thats not fair, i can't control how i feel. It just happens. idk