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  • wellcome this sight is great
  • wellcome its unbelievably fantastic here
  • The sad part of this story is that even put in prison the hard life in there will onley make them worse.What they did was horrible but the things they will learn in the prison is what im scared of .The violence is in them i just hope it isnt made wo…
  • Also back it up with the risk of disease and sickness and even death with the bible scripture.For the world is full of sexualy transmitted diseases you cant get rid of and can kill you such as aids..the best way for them to prevent this is abstinanc…
    in Sex Comment by jjrpickens May 2006
  • I love it and thanks this sight is really great and dont know what i would do without it now.God bless
  • i love that story sent it to everyone i know thanks thats really great.May god bless you and others threw this story.
  • When i chose to follow jesus i told friends all about it cause i was fired up with the spirit.Well some was like interested in my new life.and would talk with me about it.Others just went on talkin about sinful things and changed the subject.Well in…
  • Really great stories thanks so much god bless. :)
  • Im not sure but i know iqbal would know?Ask him he can help you god bless pray for me
    in Questions Comment by jjrpickens May 2006
  • yes we will have bodies just not the sinful flesh but nudity ended when adam and eve sinned and realized there nudity and covered up for there innocence was gone.So nudity is to be covered unless your with your husband or wife or in the shower lol.B…
  • Wow that was great bro i especially needed that story about the father and son cause i just tonight got into it with mine .Thanks and god bless you and pray for me.
  • You can try speaking from your heart dunno if you tried that and pray pray pray.I will also pray for you and soon i think god will step in and open his eyes for these friends tryin to keep him from you and church arent his friends at all.i think thi…
  • Thanks i would like to know the scripture so i can read it>i heard this before i think when i was achild but have forgotten it.I really tryin to learn all things i can about the saints and the scripture in the bible god bless and please pray for …
  • God created everything from the beginning so he had to create everything But evil started in the garden of eden after eating the forbidden fruit .From that point there has been sin and evil so in a way he did create evil but we the sinners do the e…
  • Thats a great story thanks for sharing god bless pray for me :)
  • When i was ayounger man i had hair down to the middle of my back.My family really didnt like it but i was rebelling and the more i heard cut it the longer i grew it.I cut it off and love my hair short and wouldnt have it any other way now.Its ultima…
    in hair Comment by jjrpickens May 2006
  • If you read the post look what this book and movie is doin its got great christians arguing over something a man wrote.This is the work of the devil and will use it to tear christians apart if he can. Thats somethin we should all think about. The b…
  • These songs do get in your subconscience and the next thing you know its playin over and over in your head and personally i dont want the murdereous gangster filth in my head.It onley breads violence,murder and sin worldwide so to protect your soul …
    in Music Comment by jjrpickens May 2006
  • Wow thats very interesting i didnt know that guys .Learn somethin new everyday thanks.
  • Yes i believe in that we should be married and that is what god insist but this man just goin around doin like he wants outside of marriage and god .not judging him its just upsetting to know this goes on it onley hurts the children.
  • Didnt say castorate him gosh lol just fix it so he cant bring anymore children into the world to grow up without a father.
  • wellcome bishoy this sight is the best im a pre coptic goin to convert soon but im treated like one of the gang lol You will love it her we are all united in christ.god bless have a great time
  • Its not bein a coward bettering yourself gabriel god wants us to be happy and loves to see us doin well.In our better circumstances it gives us oppurtunity to help others in need god bless pray for me
  • Yes even if it is a spirit it want hurt you it cant .Most likely its someone comin in late after everyone is gone and setting things up and sitting back and laughing i have played a few practical jokes myself but in a joke you are suppose to reveal …
  • Thanks all very interesting i think maybe the food idea would be great but to give is to love i think and we are to love everyone.God bless
  • Yea thats tough but everyone here has given you great advice so i will just pray for you it will work out have faith and smile god loves you :)
  • I would like to hear more about this and im goin to read up on it for its been a long time since i read the scripture and need a refresher .I will believe what the word says so pray for me .
  • the bible i reffered to doesnt change the translation of the kings james version it just uses a simpler word with the same meaning and makes it easier for some of us who arent as smart as others :)
  • Wellcome this sight is great and makes you feel loved and at home .Have a great time here and god bless
  • I have the life aplication bible its of the king james version but in lamens terms so its easier to understand.It explains things also down at the bottom of the page by verse so its easier to teach the word to others its agreat bible and also has so…