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  • 1cross3nails4given, benedictines are western christianity monks. Something about this order:
  • I didn't say that anybody said it is a sin and I proof it isn't. :) I just stardet my argumentation from some kind of a radical position and then I formulated a 'total rule' about dancing. :)
  • Yaeh, they were really determined. :) And they were benedictins! :D Love 'em. ;) 1. What do I think of Maestro? One word: genius. 2. I would say: 'Ya' know, you can not believe in what Bible says, but you'll see after getting dead who was right.…
  • How can dance be a sin, if there is also a worship dance? For example: it was normal for Izraelites, that they expressed their joy and gave the glory to Lord by dance. So... they've sinned, or the dance CAN be sinful, if the purpose of it is bad.…
  • Not talking is bad. Not topics are bad. Bad are thoughts, that they induce. Everything depends on what do we talk about and what the conversation is like. I often talk on the phone (and other ways) with girls - but most often they complain on the…
  • I've read somewhere, that the type of blood from the Eucharistic Miracles and the Shroud of Turin (the blood of Christ, like we can conclude) is A1B Rh+. Just like mine. ;)
  • You ask WWJD - but we should ask 'what DID Jesus do'. He came with His Mother to Cana and he just celebrated the wedding. :) He even turned the water into wine! :) He was a normal man - and that means He was sinless. We are NOT normal, because we si…