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  • I wish you all a Merry Christmas. May God bless our world. Best wishes for the new year too. Peace
  • Selam all Am glad to have u all here again. To answer your question dear marianne87, we have many churches in Cannada especially in Toronto. I am not from Toronto but we also have our church in my state too. But if there weren't any of my church, …
  • Selam (meaning Peace in Ethiopian Language) I am so much happy to get your welcome message everyday. I think I am getting addicted to this site already. thank you all so much. Coptic Servent, I think Coptic pete has already answered your question…
  • Believer in God I second u too. I liked it and i am glad u liked it too. Hope to hear others too. God bless
  • Hello everyone It is interesting to read all your responses and I thought I could say some too, on this topic. The question of opposit attracts, I think could work only in personality. I have seen many married couples who are very opposite in thei…
  • Hi child of christ I agree with Coptic Pete too. Jesus is also called the second Adam in the Orthodox faith. He is born to save the first Adam, and the whole world. And he did. God bless all
  • Hello I think having a crush is natural but as a christean, we should be ware of it. Once we know, we should pray hard so that we could get over. If it was the work of the devil to tempt our flesh, am sure it will be gone by prayers and fast. If n…
  • Thank you for welcoming me. I have already felt like home. I am sure I will be getting a lot from you guys and hopefully, I will share mine too. God bless all Stay in peace
    in New Comment by Yedediya December 2005