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Pope Kyro VI


Pope Kyro VI
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  • hey diana aren't u in one of those carolina's and u moved from jersey a couple of years back???
  • hey guys my name is kyrillos and i serve as a deacon in st. mina's holmdel. My grandfather was abouna Shenouda Halim Tawfik who built the church and passed away about a year later. Yes Abouna Abraham is a priest that is not married. He never had a w…
  • [quote author=billious link=topic=6212.msg82101#msg82101 date=1202872615] Hey Guyz.. There is a new English subtitled video on youtube by Max Michel PLEASE please! Stand up against his rubbish talk and comment on the youtube video There are 3 video…
  • the Bible says that after the flood Noahs family shifted from place to place. Such as Misraim who moved into the land of Egypt. These people were not advanced enough to have such small boats to move. Yes it is true that Noah built the ark but Noah w…
  • [quote author=vassilios link=board=1;threadid=4597;start=0#msg62834 date=1162818950] Hello, I was trying to explain to a friend of mine the Holy Trinity. I used the example of the Sun etc.. but it didnt sink in for her. Could someone perhaps help w…