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  • But I just want to mention one thing: If Morsi wins, it will be living hell for christians. If Shafiq wins, it will be living hell for Egypt. Why I say that? Well, because Morsi and his followers are so determined to win, that if they don't, it wo…
  • Well as for me, I was in this sin also. I went to my father of confession and just told him this: I have been going on the internet doing really bad things. Looking at really evil pics and videos, and even more. When I told him "even more", he under…
  • Please pray for a family in our church, which the father had an heart attack and is doing heart surgery. Thank you.
  • Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood claims election victory Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood claimed victory in historic presidential polls on Monday, hours after the ruling military council issued a constitutional document claiming sweeping p…
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=13183.msg154755#msg154755 date=1334767833] God never leaves us. God never abandons us. God never ignores us. We leave God. We abandon God. We ignore God. [/quote] So true man, so true. I want to add someth…
  • Nice Karim!! Keep up the hymn teaching! Peace (p.s. I go to your church)
  • Something I learned: Joy stands for: J - Jesus first O - Others second Y - Yourself last
  • Thanks guys for the strategies. These are really helpful to me in bulks! The story about P.U.S.H. really had a big affect on me....such an amazing story with a strong message :)
  • [quote author=✞ GoDLovesME ✞ link=topic=12965.msg152618#msg152618 date=1330480033] ok... but i have everything that could make the person happy and i never became a happy person.... im not satisfied with anything i always feel like im missing someth…
    in TRUST Comment by Peace February 2012
  • Thank you for your response. But that's not what I meant. I am asking of the positive aspects. I know we are sinners and dust and God has created us and he is our master and God doesn't need anything from us, but we need him and everything, but I w…