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  • thanx minagir, ur a champ! i don't understand coptic and thats why i didn't O Kirios... God Bless Coptic21
    in O Kirios Comment by Coptic21 July 2006
  • Thanx minagir! does Tasbeha have the audio for it, coz i can't seem to find it.... :'(
    in O Kirios Comment by Coptic21 July 2006
  • thanx MG...its not EXACTLY the one i'm looking for but similar enough...thank you so much and God Bless You. Coptic21 p.s: sorry i couldn't give more info about it shnoda... i just heard it once and thought it had very nice words. thanx anywayz!
  • thanx guys Coptic21
    in O Beloved Comment by Coptic21 June 2006
  • mMmMmM...ok then...thats very interesting yet something i don't think i'll ever do... i don't think one will get the same feeling from confessing over the phone/email in comparison to being there face to face with Abouna... but i guess some people a…
    in cOnFeSsIoN Comment by Coptic21 June 2006
  • Thanx PrincessMary God Bless Coptic21
  • hey there...we had this discussion some time ago... maybe this might help.;action=display;threadid=2941 God Bless Coptic21
    in Luck! Comment by Coptic21 March 2006
  • thanx Marmoura99, for the lyrics and the link... God Bless and You will be in my Prayers Take care Coptic21
  • Oh...thanx Sandra!!! do u have lyrics at all??? God Bless You... and i hope u get better soon!! Coptic21
  • Thanx Hos Erof... ;D U wouldn't happen to know where i could find the lyrics in arabic english???
  • luck is just a doesn't exist!!!
  • No...wearing the cross is not for good luck...its for protection!!! n the luck that i'm talking about is like saying "wow that person is so lucky...they won the lottery.." or saying... "that person didn't study for the exam...yet they did really wel…
  • more detail...????
  • well....i dunno if u can call it banning time...a lady in our church had a baby...WITHOUT being married...abouna told her not to come to church for about a month or so...
  • hey any of u have the audio to this hymn in the one that goes with the text? FANX God Bless Coptic21
  • Mikhail...that was my original just got a bit twisted with interpretation....but thanx for ur explanation....i just wanted to know if there was such thing as a small sin and a big sin... and are there classifications as u sed...thanx …
  • why...wat do u mean? i guess every one gets "sentenced" in their own way depending on their has nothing to do with how good the confession is....their are certain things that ppl do...that causes abouna to ban them from communion...and no…
  • yea thats wat i mean...i don't get how a sin is a sin no matter wat it we're not going to be judged any different if we killed someone or if we swore at someone... ????
  • hmmm....this is so strange...wat ur trying to say is that if we were to murder someone it is the equivalent of swearing....or any other sin...???? murdering someone is taking a life...and who are we as humans on earth to take someone's life away fro…
  • thanx PrincessMary God Bless Coptic21
  • hey...thanx coptic boy...that explains it God Bless Coptic21
  • yea i know lying is a huge sin..i was using them as a comparison, coz they're different but they all lead to one question is, is there a r we judged on the TYPE of sins? or its all one? ok...a better eg: can u say that s…
  • hey u guys have the lyrics to this hymn...the one that goes.. Kaifa ansa saidi el ghali el habeeb fa ma hakool la zoonobi...??? thanx alot God Bless Coptic21
  • hey youstina...i totally agree with u, i don't understand why a priest would do doesn't make sense as u sed...i would imagine that banning someone from having holy communion would make one feel very un-welcome in the house of the Lord... w…
  • thanx PrincessMary....der not the right ones....but thanx anywayz.... Take Care God Bless Coptic21
  • hi guyz.... i no i already asked this in another topic called "anyone know this hymn.."... but no one has i assume no one knows it.. :'(. so if u guys know any websites that i MITE find the hymn on... please let me know....thanx God …
    in Lyrics Comment by Coptic21 November 2005
  • hey mg...thanx for that...a pure and simple explanation... may God Bless You Coptic21
  • yea...its confused and puzzeld...and i WAS confuzzeld... but i thanked u for un-confuzzling me.... make sense??? :-\
  • why....i don' t think u isn't wat is LIKELY to happen because in that case everything wouldn't happen exactly the way it did in the dream.... but everything is exact and specific even to the smallest exactly wat the p…
  • interpreting dreams u mean....being able to explain them and telling wat exactly wat they mean???? coz thats different to wat happens to me... but yeah....sandra i will talk to Abouna about it... i would really like to know wat he sa…