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  • I cant find Moses :), found them all so far
  • what is the name of Jonathan's son that King David took care of? & What was unique about him? ***** Pts 8)
  • Satan was an anointed Cherub who was perfect in his ways from the day he was created. till inquity was found in him. Ezekiel 28:13-19, Isaiah 14:12-21. Its seems as if he had a dwelling in the heavens, In the mountians of God from the midst of the s…
  • To Kyrillos02 & MNC_HNN well the Bible tells us our God is a "God Of Hosts". Dont forget the diffrent form of angels God has created which we dont know to much about.
  • If God Created another life form besides us humans then that dose not contradict the Bible at all Because God sent his salvation to earth and the decedents of Adam. I personally Believe UFOs exist I do not however believe in Aliens. UFOs can be bro…
  • Yea! I saw that too its sooo sad :'(. My cousin's baby was born with a cleft lip and got the operation done thank God. I hope all those little children will be as fortunate. Remember them n ur prayers.