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  • if u r old enough...then i dont think theres anything wrong with it as longs as abouna and ur parents no then i think its ok...but i agree tht u should rllyy be carefull because its rllyy rlly hard to get over a break-up...
  • i have to say that im so blessed to have all my friends..they are all amazing and special...each and everyone one of them...of course there were times i made the wrong decisions abt my friendships with ppl...n it was because i didnt listen to my frn…
  • i think that there is nothing wrong with wearing jeans to church...i mean i know u should wear the nicest stuff u have to church and everything...and some of my best clothes are jeans...just because they are jeans doesnt mean they are casual..u can …
  • personally...i dont really see anything with guys talkin 2 girls at church or vice versa...if they are doing it in the open then theres obviously nth wrong with what they are doing...i understand that sometimes adults talk and stuff..but thts when i…