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  • yea most music is not suposed to lissened to music .. my father of confession told me that not listening to music willl make u calmer .. he told me to do an experiment lol .. he sed not to lissen to music nd u'll be a completely different person ..…
  • .. ST. GeorGe brOokLyn.. woohoooo!
  • if either the wife or the husband convert to another religion.. then the one who didnt convert is allowed to remarr6y... there is a verse in the Bible.. im not exactly sure of it ... it says taht if someone wants to depart .. let him depart... so it…
  • yes i think you r too yung too .. u may think its real love .. nd feel all sparly inside but thats just teh devil tryin to get u agenst Jesus christ nd u have to try to stop your actions cuz these feelings will come eitehr way .. so its up to contro…
    in tips Comment by egyguy00 August 2005
  • not in ct .. in texass mark .. lol we shoudl make a trip to go visit
  • thanks everyone. ill give it my all through Christ. :) ;D ;D
  • every one is giving great answers thanks alot. this situation has actually taught me how to pray. im growing in faith now that i see things that i ask for in prayer happen very quickly. i still wake up every morning feeling horrible. all the thought…
  • she believed that lust destroyed the relationship. she thouhgt i liked it, yet i hated it more than she did. she even said with her own mouth that she was more at fault than me for wen physical things happened. i really hated it and i try not to dwe…