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  • [quote author=dzheremi link=topic=11219.msg135612#msg135612 date=1302273125] I dunno...I would think that having confession with a bodybuilder priest might make you a think a little bit harder about sinning!  ;D [/quote] [quote author=TITL link=topi…
  • Please pray that all Christians and non-Christians alike can have the forgiveness of our many sins, and for strength to anybody attached to a sin to be able to break free the bonds through the power of the cross and God's love and mercy thanks a l…
  • Also everyone please pray that the conflict between Christians and Muslims in Egypt ceases as we are all brothers and sister God tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves
  • Honestly Ioannes i completely agree with you that somebody should have been there, but then again we can not criticize a whole race for the actions of a specific group of people. also we do not know the circumstances of the people. sometimes them …
  • Also thank you everyone for the replies and for the amazing quotes from the bible thanks!
  • I agree with MarchMadness these people cant be orthodox to have been baptized more than once. But personally I think that no church should allow anybody to be baptized more than once. What do you guys think?
  • Because there is a controversy whether Jesus was actually immersed in the water during his baptism or if John the Baptist just poured the water over his head What do you guys think
  • Because in my church it has been thought of as a part of the rite to hold both the cross and the gospel But I now know that is not right thanks
  • Thank you Marenhos Epchois and thanks for all the replies