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  • A wonderful app. God bless your efforts. Suggestion How about an option where one could advance through each set of commentaries with an advance button near where the "x" is. That way a user could advance through each verse in a commentary style.   …
  • Thank you for your recommendation @Mabsoota. As you can imagine, the NKJV as well as the Orthodox Study Bible is copyrighted by Thomas Nelson so aquiring a license is alittle difficult. This is something that would be a great addition to Orthodox Pr…
  • @blessedtobeawitness  To answer some of your questions... 1. Yes. Ideally, the more people contribute, the better. All we ask is that you abide by the Contributing guidelines located on the project site. 2. The features that you mentioned are actual…
  • Correct. That was something that proved to be an issue.
  • This site has played an instrumental role regarding content found on Orthodox Presenter. As far as reaching out to anyone, no.
  • Anyway I can order it and get it shipped to the states?
  • God be with you and watch over you. I am in no position to give advice on such a subject but rather I will try and give you words of encouragement and my opinions.First I believe that an individual must want to go to church for the right reason.I co…
  • I heard this from someone so I don't know if it is true but I believe it is... For those that don't know, Pope Shenouda use to give sermons every Wednesday and at the end their would be like a Q&A type thing where people would write down their…