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  • "The School of Alexandria - Book 2" by Fr. Tadros Malaty. The entire book is about Origen, hope that helps.
    in Origen Comment by e_a_h March 2005
  • We're not of the world.. That may be true, but we are living in the world and it is arrogant to raise ourselves above everyone else. You are adovocating complete isolation from society which is absolutely against the teachings of christ.
  • Devil: "you're educated, man! Who cares? read the book, it might be intresting" God gave us a brain to use it. What good is your free will if you shelter yourself from the rest of the world?
  • Did God ask you to read that book? You make a good point but i think you take it a little too far. If you don't read that book then you have absolutely no right to judge it or else you are a hypocrite. Just because you were told that the book is sac…
  • Never test your faith Is that really wise? True faith does not mean being ignorant of foreign thinking. The time will come when you will be exposed to these ideas against your will...
  • "So would resource conservation be a bad thing?" God gave us nature so we could use it not abuse it. Our excessive use of things such as fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, is not only immoral but unhealthy and very dangerous to the environment.
  • 'I Dared to Call Him Father' by Bilquis Sheikh.
  • Everyone perceives the world as if it revolves around them. Humility is really changing this worldview. I think that this is the reason that humble people are much more sociable and compassionate since they focus their energy on others instead of th…
    in Humility Comment by e_a_h March 2005
  • I read the Davinci Code Last month and as far as novels go, it's pretty interesting. There are some very obvious errors of course, which anyone who knows enough history can spot. The truly amazing thing about this book is not the idea t…
  • [quote author=Youstina S link=board=6;threadid=1284;start=0#msg21508 date=1109826023] welcome to this addictive site of Coptic Nature ^ i second that!! Anyways, welcome, where from Canada? I'm from canada too! GB++ [/quote] I live in Ottawa, what a…
    in New Guy Comment by e_a_h March 2005