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  • I used to come every now and then but I have been slacking! :) College ba2a ne3mel eh?
  • enta/enty rabena beyhebeak, this was our lesson in pre servants today! hope it makes more sense than wat i wrote before cuz the previous one didnt convince me much. ok.. The salt was considered a VERY important thing in the old AND the new testamen…
  • "It all boils down to Culture ( 3esh we Mal7) =(Bread and salt) in Arabic. Once a servant of God has received in his tent even his worst enemy and has eaten salt (food) with him, he is bound to protect his guest as long as he remains." If anyone d…
  • I didnt know you wanted it in english too, sorry! here you go: GBU sandra
    in ya abana Comment by spr418 February 2008
  • here's the song: Here's the txt: ya aba2i rohban el barria, nefsy a3eesh 3eeshetkom deya(2x) 3eeshet salawat, we sahar we dmoo3(2x) bet2ademooha lel rab yasoo3, ya aba2y, ya aba2y. Abo el rohban el amba anton…
    in ya abana Comment by spr418 January 2008
  • Its deff. not wrong to cry! Many of the saints cried.. GBU sandra
  • Brighten up! Brighten up! Our church of Christ Brighten up! Brighten up! Brighten up! **naware, naware, ya kaneesat el masee7     naware, naware, naware. In celebrating your Martyrs, the righteous and saints! Brighten up! Brighten up! Brighten up! *…
    in nawaree Comment by spr418 December 2007
  • Pray for her, that rabena yer7amha..she passed away... GBU sandra
  • Thank you guyz soo much..idk wat they would do without everyone's prayers.. GBU sandra
  • the answer is right there in the says Those who blaspheme God will suffer the consequences of their guilt and be punished.  "Anyone who blasphemes the LORD's name must be stoned to death by the whole community of Israel."  thats your answer.…
  • This is exactly what we learned today in pre-servants! anyways..God never commanded whoever WORKS on the sabath day should be killed..he simply said who ever desecrates its should be dead..but if you work on it "he should be cut off the community" n…
  • pretty good english..but you know wat, ill ask him next week and see wat he says! GBU sandra
  • i got yelled at by the lady next to me cuz i was crackin up. but i would love to know wat it symbolizes! GBU sandra
  • yup i was there..they made alil song about it.. GBU sandra
  • i just bought a taraneem CD from church and it was on it if you wanna download it! here: GBU sandra
  • You can get it in America..idk how tho but we got it when abouna announced it at church.. GBU sandra
    in Aghapy TV Comment by spr418 August 2007
  • 2 T 2, 22: "Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart." my second fav is: "choose you this day whom ye will serve; but as for me and my house, we will…
  • well am sorry am not a coptic genius!!  :) GBU sandra
  • tamav maria, tamav maria    neceto onooty agia tishoori enno ti-nekhnia      cani neshty em epresvia Refrain:omy ya mariam, omy ya mariam      gameela ayatoha el kedeesa             el magmara el zahab, el manara      sa7ebat el shafa3a el 3azeema…
  • thats exactly wat am saying..dress like the surrounding. BUT if we're talking about egypt here, now thats diff. i was talkin to my best friend from egypt today and she told me she just came back from a masyaf and she sent me pics..EVERYONE that came…
  • i agree with you guyz when you said our bodies are the temple of God and about traditions and all the good stuff you said BUT girls dont necesarily have to go out fully covered..i really dont know how to put this in the right way..but when you go to…
  • i have no clue.. GBU sandra
  • there's not really a specific list..but its always a source when ur looking for songs..i mean you could always look there just type in the song name..but there's not much spiritual songs, you'll be lucky if u find them there.. GBU sandra
  • ok thanks..!! but wat do you mean an important wat.. i still dont get it all i know is that he's higher than a bishop..but can anyone gimme examples!! GBU sandra
  • anytime !! GBU sandra
  • i found the third one  here: 1. ya mariam el bekr fokty  al shams wel kamar    wekol negm be2aflak    el sama2 seery 2. ya negmat el sob7 she33y   fi ma3abidna   we nawary 3ekolna    wel sama3 wel basar 3. ya am yasoo3 ya ommy   we ya amaly   …
  • tobake ya mariam    ya 3asa haroon ya kobbat moosa    wa shoryet haroon 1. magdoke ya mariam    arfa3 men al samaa   waladti lana el mo5alis    wa a3taki kol al baha2 2. magdoke ya mariam    fak el sama2eyeen   3aleety 3ala al charabeen  wa …
  • **حبك يا مريم غاية المنى                      يا أم المعظم كونى أمنا hoboke ya mariam ghayat el mona    ya am el mo3azam koony omana (1) إبنك أوصاك بنا على الصليب        اعطانا اياك فى شخص الحبيب ebnik awsaki bena 3ala alsaleeb      a3tana ayak…
  • shere ne maria: titsherompi ethnesos: thi etasmici nan: emefnoti pilogos. entho te ti hriri: ente pi esthoinofi: thi etasphiri evol: khen ethnoni enyecce. pishot ente Aaron: etafiri evol: khoris tsho nem etso: efoi ente posnee. o thi etasmees pi …
  • i never thought of that either i was watching videos of saint mary's apperances and i kinda found that on the way.. GBU sandra