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  • [quote author=Coptic boy link=board=4;threadid=1244;start=0#msg21038 date=1109021226] . 2 sins ýhowever will NOT be forgiven, Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit (Basically denying ýthe work of the Holy spirit in our lives) and Suicide. You can't re…
    in Prayer Comment by meno23 February 2005
  • Thanks for your concern FROG! I'm still here... I had my wisdom teeth yanked out a few days ago, and I didn't check online much. Mostly been sleeping and watching movies. I'm probably not going to go tomorrow if my teeth (er, the holes where they …
  • [quote author=Coptic boy link=board=1;threadid=1177;start=15#msg20171 date=1107893346] Oh, one more thing about his speech deficiency (if it does exist) One of America's ýGreatest Presidents was crippled Francis D. Roosevelt. He stayed in office lo…
    in Politics Comment by meno23 February 2005
  • [quote author=awad link=board=1;threadid=1188;start=0#msg20167 date=1107891846] if it makes u feel better, theres sooo many egs crowding the church that i HIGHLY doubt anyone will notice u, that is if ur an eg. i mean this is black and white nonoffe…
  • Thanks :-) That's the same thing my dad says... but it's been a few weeks since I decided to go, and I keep chickening out.
  • Neither of the two was interested in running the federal government along US Constitutional principles (note the part about all powers not explicitly mentioned as belonging to the federal government belong to the states or to the people). Yet both w…
    in Politics Comment by meno23 February 2005
  • "I really love reading tolstoy, nabokov, hawthorne, poe etc... but i know that none of it will ever nurture me religously or spiritually." OOC, why do you think none of it will ever nourish you religiously or spiritually? Like, is it simply becaus…
  • Here's a pretty good review of it: Basically, it's way way factually inaccurate, even to the point where the "expert" characters in the book get the languages in which the key docume…