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  • hmm....iv never heard of that so im not sure...but if sumone else noes plz tell id like to noe :D ;D
  • hey guys...wowowow lots of replys..kk i have a few opinions on this topic hope they aint repetitive: Modeling: George i totally understand wa u mean and where ur coming from. Of course it is a great oppurtuinty and a chance to make a few extra buks …
    in Modeling Comment by Syvi February 2005
  • hey u guys i really learned sum great stuff from this. ;D jus yes i agree we shouldnt be woryying about it but it never hurts to know as much as we can about the topic so we can prepare ourselves..that jus ma 2 cents
  • yes i didn't understand the baby thing was freaky.. yea i see where your coming from with the "hands and feet" but also i think that what we have to do is just realize that christ was nailed to the cross whether or not it was his hands o…
  • i agree i like ur name..nyways man gossoping is the worst thing that the devil ever created bcuz everyone gets caught in it without even realizing. Its hard too once ya stop u can't catch urself. i think the best way is jus to remember n…
  • wow man the passion...that was crazeeee i cried like there is no 2morrow in that movie. I think the most emotional part of that movie was not just the pain and the suffering that Jesus went through but rememba when Jesus fell while carrying the cros…
  • maria i understand wa u mean...prolly cuz ur my sister anyways yea yea but still its a dictionary. Sumone who hasn't heard of christ before and who saw that in a dictionary would prolly look into it a lil more and see wa it really is. Plus the dicti…
  • i noe exactly what ur talking about. The thing that i like bout catholics is that its in a bos and the priest doesn't see you. The thing that freaks me out is that the priest sees you and its just scary. It makes me feel like its the end of the worl…
    in Confession Comment by Syvi January 2005
  • wow that story was mom is making me take arabic school and im getting a 56% :( ??? lol but yea that story really made me see how lazy i am....great story
  • the world is full of many different things. Yes its hard to stay focused sumtimes because of all the tempations we can easily fall into but if we stay ahead of the game and always put our lives in the hands of God then we will never be caught in the…
  • I noe wa you mean. Usually all i think about is when imma finally be done and when imma be able to eat chocolat. I never really think about the spiritual side. I think wa we hafta do is go to church during lent more often so that it reminds us of wh…
    in great lent Comment by Syvi January 2005