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  • Because I was born in this Church, and I believe Christ is present in this Church. But I don’t think that excludes that Christ is present in the other too. We are both Orthodox, and that’s what matters.
  • The Holy Synod decides, but in the meantime, the Holy Synod may need good research on these issues. Also, for this subject, I hope we let cooler heads prevail... I don't think anyone is arguing about whether one agrees or not with the canon, just si…
  • Lol! I love it!
  • The title of this thread made me think there was a Coptic spoof of “Blackish”
  • He took what is ours and gave us what us His :)
  • Usually, glorification in my experience is not done unless it’s the feast of St. Mary, our patron saint, or a particularly popular saint that people generally place high importance to. But after Pioik on regular days, we usually just chant one of t…
    in PiOik Comment by minasoliman October 14
  • I’m a little ambivalent about co-redemptrix in the way that it was explained by some. Using the analogy by Daniel Kyrillos, it seems Catholics are saying she is the "capsule" around the medicine, rather than a smaller medicine.  In the Coptic Church…
  • We do believe in the Assumption, but our Church has not made it a dogma. Dogma touches upon the Trinity, our relationship with the Trinity, and the Church and sacraments. Basically, the Nicean-Constantinopolitan Creed. So the Creed does mention t…
  • It could be argued the Immaculate Conception and Assumption of Mary violates number 3, because they are unnecessary to the faith, at least in the system of soteriology in the Orthodox Church.
  • This year, one can make a nice contemplation concerning the spiritual correlation of Christ being in the womb of the Theotokos and Christ being in the womb of the earth.
  • We celebrate both feasts, and both are indentified as major feasts in the Coptic Church, and in a very predictable fashion. Since we celebrate the Feast of the Nativity on January 7 (Kiahk 29), then we celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation 9 mont…
  • You’re right...our own Pope can make mistakes. No one is infallible, even the bishops and the Pope. We trust the Holy Spirit to mysteriously guide the Orthodox Church through it even when mistakes occur, to bring us back in the right path. Histor…
  • EOs generally do have the same view, although there is conflict among EOs what the exact role of the Ecumenical Patriarchate (EP) really is. Some EOs accuse (yes accuse, and sometimes very harshly) the EP of trying to impose something similar to th…
  • Yes, and also to show us the way of true Christian living, only through the "boasting" in the Cross, and nothing else, to bear the Cross in our lives in absolute humility and acceptance of suffering.
  • Christ as a warrior against death did not choose a comfortable death, but the most uncomfortable, most shameful, most painful form of death, to show that even such debasing death He destroys, and even the depths of Hades He destroys.  St. John Chrys…
  • No, He did not die to satisfy the wrath of God.  This is a Protestant teaching.  It is written "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son".  It is NOT written "For God was so despised the world that He gave His only begotten Son"…
  • I understand one of the reasons of the delay is his upcoming back surgery.  If it's going to be a very serious surgery from what I studied, and not a simple procedure, then I can understand the delay will be much longer, and he probably will not be …
  • @minatasgeel Thank you. I just found it a bit odd that if this was an olive branch, it’s a strange one to give and there had to be a more vexing reason.
  • First comparison: His words is always true ONLY if he speaks “ex cathedra”. That last distinction is important. Now if you ask me what that means, I tried understanding it and I have yet to know. It’s sort of the loophole in Catholic theology th…
  • In our common history, Rome did have a sense of respect among other patriarchs. But they did not have jurisdictional or dogmatic authority over the world’s churches. That’s what we mean by “first among equals”. Still though, Rome had her own auth…
  • Pope Kyrillos the fourth? Is that why all the priests were summoned to Egypt, or were there other things on the Pope’s agenda mentioned?
  • Awesome stuff are a gem
  • Interesting stuff...thank you! This would make for good future research to compare and contrast the ancient church practices along the line of Oriental Orthodoxy.
  • I’m confused about the canon of Pope Cyril II and how it was connected to Pope Christodolous’ canon. Was there something wrong before the ban against women baking? Was this the first time women were banned?
  • Couldn’t consecrated (mukarasa) females also bake the prosphora?
  • When you think you don't have God, that's when you have Him the most.  Don't despair, keep fighting, keep praying.  It's never easy.  These are your stormiest moments, but the patience you bear will bear fruit. Don't stop praying.
  • Sometimes, less is more ;)
  • 1.  non-Chalcedonians claim this letter supports their idea that Cyril would have been a non-Chalcedonian2.  non-Chalcedonians do not reject the letter3.  it's authentic
  • Hi Mabsoota...there is a phone number provided in this thread: The website associated with it no longer exists it seems, but give the number a try. Maybe it works
  • we have been holding official councils among each side's most elite theologians since the 1960s. Agreements have been signed, but this needs to convert into the rest of the Churches on either side, which is yet to happen. So a grass roots level of…