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  • @minatasgeel please try to let the forum take its course naturally. Some of us are following along with the discussion too without posting and it's more helpful if we can see the whole issue too without having the people discussing limit their posts…
  • That's what I meant...i wasn't referring to actually changing the ppts to 16:9, but the OS stretches that to fit a 16:9 laptop screen.
  • Im so confused.  I'm lost even. You seem to be all going around in circles if not contradicting yourselves. Why can't someone just explain to me, in simple language: IF Adam was just a representative for all mankind, and as a person, didnt even exis…
  • As promised....this discussion is reopened since the survey was opened today for everyone to participate in. You will need to do so through
  • There are one of two choices.  Either that nature of the gift of immortality is created or it is uncreated.  If you're giving me the "I don't know", then why you do get bothered when I tell you "I don't know" in my answers?@Zoxsasi....Please answer…
  • it has to do with the PC's's not about if "it can be done" or's about the pc you are viewing on it. Also, the menu and the presentations are totally separate. the menu is created in flash...and the presentations are simply …
  • We have been arguing about this topic and i see no end to how about we be concise and objective in everything we say from now on.....8 pages people!!!!!
  • If we are going to have a decent post about this, a new discussion would be a good'll depend on Gay4XC's next comment.
  • Zoxsasi & minasoliman...please take it to PM
  • Ok. I guess my comment will just continue to be ignored.  I am closing this discussion until the survey is completed and then i'll reopen for comments. 
  • The survey is NOT available for us to view how about we just wait till July 27th to know the questions they ask and then discuss them here?! 
  • Hi Beekay, Thanks for your response. Is evolution a fact? Did we, as humans, evolve from apes?? Yes or no? Is five pages of comments not good enough for you to answer that question?!
  • @Zoxsasi...why not not just have your parents watch Dr. Hany Mina's vids about this?
  • it's not really a bishops staff, it's just a leading/shepherding staff. and many old priests/hegumens had them. they even had a similar "3emma" to bishops. how far are we talking?!....i am not really sure, but i have a picture of an old priest with …
  • "Jesus is the incense" is to match the preceeding paragraph: "The incense is Mary, the incense is in her womb, which she will borne, to forgive us our sins."
  • I think you were the one who didn't understand me...I can propose to a bishop or a priest the idea to establish a church view and the best way to deal with homosexuality. I am meant to say that this idea will be much more effective than simply answe…
  • I recommend looking at the big picture and reaching to those of authority that can establish change in morale. Of the current morale is affecting a big number of people, why deal with each separately?!  Sometimes, they choose not to.  If they could…
  • I recommend looking at the big picture and reaching to those of authority that can establish change in morale. Of the current morale is affecting a big number of people, why deal with each separately?! 
  • What would be the problem with you guys reaching out to some priest or even some bishops in the US concerning doing a combined work for this topic??? I don't think they'll ever be a better time for it...
  • Let's not just through out general judgmental specific in what you think is wrong with the text.
  • this sounds like the mohayyar for the Virgin....i don't have the exact text but it exists.  and that book looks like Fr Athanasius El-Makari book from the set of the rites. 
  • This was closed on the hope of not causing arguments. You guys have problems with these songs referenced, and you think they are serious, then you are welcome to contact a bishop with detailed reasoning. I'll also be happy to contact (or begin a dia…
  • Miracleseek....I really don't think comments on our forum are the best advices you can get for something as serious and as life-changing as what you are mentioning. You need to find professional individuals, ideally Copts, to help and answer all you…
  • I have the days katameros in Coptic...I can check some days readings if anyone can provide me with which...
  • of course we have but all of them would not be proper for expression of a biblical idea...if we agreed or not bilingualism is a pillar of coptic tradition that we can not get rid of I like this reason :-)
  • I am locking this post...I think we have exhausted all objective opinions. We just keep showing our hate and intolerance to others' doings and end up judging/condemning them rather than their actions. We dare to do so here because we are hiding behi…
  • Why can't we ever be objective in our discussions and just keep comments to a minimum?!!! Life will be much easier and beneficial for everyone this way.   
  • I wanted to reply to this before minasoliman comment, but here I am now. We will NOT discuss fasting from sexual relations before communion here. I believe that this matter is private to married couples and it will not be beneficial for anyone else…
    in Communion Comment by minatasgeel June 9
  • Priests have the authority to give absolutions to the people but un doing so they are taking responsibility for whatever they are absolving the person from. Considering that, I doubt they'll give the absolution so freely without reason.
    in Communion Comment by minatasgeel June 8