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  • HG Bishop Eklimandos...I do have to say that it's hard for me to pronounce it....and I am a Anyways, Congrats Canadians....who live on the east :-) 
  • @Kahan, the conference is real but news about it was not spread as much as it should of...which is fine since it's not open for many people...only a limited number of bishops, priests and servants from the diaspora.  Knowing just a little bit about…
  • I didn't record this...i think found it on youtube :-)
  • I saw this before but it's very specific and exclusive to the diocese of Jerusalem
  • I would appreciated if we not talk about the AOCA until the topic rises back to the service and HGBY explains more.  
  • really wasn't you :-)....the announcement and slideshow were spread everywhere on facebook and it reached egypt and we all know how can that blow up in the wrong way. 
  • hehe. No, it was me. I don't speak to his grace directly but I am know many people who do. I don't really think he did it himself...he has many people helping him in these things. 
  • Sorry @cyril and @Remnkemi...HGBY has removed all traces of the announcement and and the slideshow that was copied here. I have become evil, just for the last couple of mints, and deleted all contents from either in this post. 
  • "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” John 4:24 nkjv :-)
  • Separation from Life (the true definition of life) is considered death. If God is the source of life, and being with Him is life, then separation from God is considered death and that's what God was referring to.  
  • I have an opinion towards what consistency mean in hymns and I am much more tolerable with hazzat (which are called ornaments btw) and their tarkeep on syllables. Ophadece and a couple others do not agree with my opinion, so I'll leave it at that.  
  • I think that site maybe disable downloading for some audio files.
  • @minasafwat, the reason we are speculating is because we have recordings of ya kol elsofof that are older than this ne-ethnos teero el farayhi. In either ways, I personally don't mind it. I maybe a little against drewhalim on considering the age of …
  • That's OK. I just hum the tune of Agios Athanatos Nai Nan when driving now.  that's fine. I do too with many other bright saturday hymns i love.  What hymns do we sing during the Holy Communion. There weekly madayeh for every week, you can say tho…
  • Did you by any chance suggest that we sing Agios Athanatos Nai Nan? I know the admins, being Orthodox, only like to sing that once a year. The Watos Psali for Bright Saturday and the hymn said after is supposed to be said just for Bright Saturday. W…
  • Ekhrestos anesty, dear all, I am so glad that this website gives us an opportunity to debate things logically and scientifically, so may I ask everyone to stop using the abbreviation OB? oujai khan ebshois But that is the designation for it: https:/…
  • After speaking with Muallem Ibrahim, it seems that this decision is missing a few points. Turns out that all the cantors and linguists are meeting and they will go through the hymns and set how everything should be pronounced. That opens up for even…
  • @minasoliman....being someone who lives in Jersey, i see that last comment really funny
  • The synod has no right over a language. It can't tell you how to pronounce English and it cannot tell you how to pronounce coptic. These are languages not beliefs or rituals.  True. But I am not talking about language in general...I am talking about…
  • @ophadece, I don't think Remnkimi said that "they CANNOT" but he simply shows why it's not a decision that was considered well enough. So they have the permission and right to make the change.
  • I am closing this post. I don't see any benefit coming out of any possible responses. 
  • The site was discontinued. I am closing this post
  • @Remnkemi, I think we have to make a differentiation between what is to be festive on Hosanna Sunday (better than palm sunday, :-), and what is sha3anini. So in books, there is always a difference between responses (people or deacons) and hymns or d…
  • I think, and i don't know why i do so but someone probably spoke to me about this, Sha3anini comes from sha3anin who maybe comes from Hosha3na, which is the original word for Oosanna=Hosanna. Actually, i think hosha3na is the Hebrew word for osanna …
  • Hehe. There is no Palm Sunday psalm response in C Farag book :-) For the crowning ceremony, you are now getting more specific... It's festive and sha3anini. Festive for people's responses sha3anini for the rite and specific hymns. It's exactly li…
  • @Eshpheri, that's a little different. CS fonts are not in Unicode yet. And if you want to use it locally, to a pc, you have to download it intot he system always 
  • Firstly and foremost Palm Sunday is a major Lordly feast and secondly we cannot continue to pick and choose. What I mean by that is if you go back to the old dalal book it does state the first psalm is Singary and the second is annual mulakhus HOWEV…
  • I believe the decision was more towards the aggressive changes using GB in hymns.