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  • saint john and saint mark - my church (i assume very small pieces).must be in other churches too...?
  • read the Bible 1st!;-) (the alchemist is an interesting pantheistic philosophy book but the Bible is better)
  • we now have a full deacon in uk!:-)
  • i admit, i never read it that fast myself, but u did say you had lots and lots of time!;-) at least read the gospels or the letters from the apostles, give yourself some goal that is not too hard.may God bless your study :-)
  • pray, read the Bible (all of it), go to all the church services during the week and help the old people or your neighbours.once you have done all this (and i do mean read the whole Bible), then you will know what to do next :-)
  • the 'immaculate conception' is the catholic (roman) belief that saint mary was conceived in a special way, it is nothing to do with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ being conceived / born from a virgin. we don't agree that: 1. humans inherited sin …
  • ya azizi, this is definitely an 'ask your confession father' question.may God protect and guide you.
  • very wise words.may God bless you all this pentecost.
  • i heard a lot of useful discussion went on. everything i heard was very strictly orthodox.i think we have to wait and see what they say later, and pray.i am confident we are not going to see some new liberalism with fasting and prayer being optional…
  • coptic. was always in the main stream coptic church (3 years intermittently, then 6 years as a member).won't say where publicly, but you can send p.m.i will not be on line for Holy Week.not coz i'm holy, but i have no internet! 'see' you after the R…
  • no, i don't listen to any non orthodox Christian music!i don't even know the song you mean.for 2 years before i was orthodox i was going to anglican and catholic churches so i was already not listening to that music.i had experienced orthodox music …
  • ma'alish, dear brother, it is ok now!pray for us:)
  • sorry, i disagree the churches are 'very protestantised' in uk.this is not a big problem in the more than 8 churches i have visited / been a member of over the last 6 years. maybe it was a problem in one or two churches several years ago, but really…
  • words here: video here: this should not be difficult for kids, omit the extra languages and the harmony and they should learn it about 1min 45sec it is sung a bit faster and quite easily. le…
  • hmm, it's usually difficult to 'let go' completely.if you have a big problem with a certain person, and you have prayed and attended liturgy and honestly opened your heart to God and you still have resentment or pain in your heart, then you need to …
    in How to love Comment by mabsoota April 2
  • many of the eastern orthodox churches have good translations of this hymn, and the EO in usa (i that is where you are) is very advanced at translating things into i'd suggest EO videos as the first place to look. may God bless yr service
  • fine, thanks to God. sad the fast is coming to an end soon! maybe you were asleep in 2013, so did not notice we had the resurrection feast in may quite recently? or maybe you are the head of egypt's astronomers, and you are planning a new calendar t…
  • you want to check out when you can get discounted chocolate, right?;)
  • nothing came up.looks like we need to sign up or log in.any chance you could send a p.m. with the article?(if it is not copyright to that website)
  • not everything you read on the internet is true.
  • when i right click, i get 'copy', 'select all', 'search g..' and 'view selection source'.i opened firefox to check it.i am using a (6 yr old) mac.any more ideas?thanks for your suggestion.may God bless yr fast
    in Download Comment by mabsoota March 8
  • yes, a great book.i found it in the library in the coptic centre in central england, and i see someone has taken the time to scan the second part of it into a computer.abouna kindly let me borrow it, so it is nice to see the exact same book again (e…
  • may God guide you.remember that the cultural rules are not the same as God's far as the spiritual rules of the orthodox church, IF you get married, you need to marry another orthodox Christian.this can be greek / russian orthodox, indian / …
  • women can certainly chant. we stand in the congregation and chant happily :)
  • yes, the same happens to me!my internet connection is bad, and i would like to learn the hymns of the great fast without needing a good connection.please help!
    in Download Comment by mabsoota March 1
  • May God guide you and give you peace.Keep eating and sleeping, don't just read!;-)
  • well, my friend got married (civil ceremony only) shortly before she became a Christian (orthodox).the marriage did not work out, and her love of the church was one of the differences between her and her husband.she tried really hard to work at it, …
  • ah i see. i was wondering how many years you had been orthodox and how you could have learnt so many hymns already! (i am far behind!)
  • if your marriage was not in an orthodox church, then it is not the same as getting married in the church, so you will not need a church 'divorce' to get remarried. i'm not sure about catholic marriages, but if you had a protestant or non Christian m…
  • hey, qawe, didn't realise you were not born coptic!your posts didn't give that away!how long have you been in the church? (you can answer by pm if you prefer).i have been orthodox 6 years. as for marriage, i agree, each case is different.may God gui…