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HG Bishop Karas, Newly Appointed General Bishop for Maqar
  • So I received an email from our parish priest, who said HG Bishop Karas, who succeeds HG Bishop David as the new general bishop of the Archdiocese of North America situated in NJ, will be visiting our parish this Sunday for the 10th anniversary of its consecration.

    So what happened to Abouna Seraphim al Souriany?
  • What do you mean general bishop for 'Maqar'?
  • It means mahgar that translates to diaspora..
  • Maqar refers ti "el-maqqar' as the residence of the bishop or in this case, the Pope being our bishop.

    Abouna Seraphim I believe will be going back to Hawaii but I might be mistaken. 
  • Yes, we call the headquarters for the "Archdiocese of North America" "Al Maqar", which is situated in Cedar Grove, NJ.
  • there was a bishop karas who was ordained recently (i think in february 2014) who was going to be a general bishop in cairo.
    is this a different bishop karas?

    they are both named after one of my favourite saints, who left a life as the emperor's brother to live humbly in the desert and become a monk.
  • I think that's the same one Mabsoota.  He was originally in Cairo.  Now, apparently HH Pope Tawadros sent him to NJ
  • Sorry my mistake I thought it was the auto-correct on the original poster's gadget. 
     It's the same one who was serving in Norwich and recently in Newcastle too. He didn't know at first As he thought he would be in Cairo but now the decision has already been taken..
  • wow, you are all very blessed in new jersey!

    anba karas was the first orthodox priest i met; he was filling in for the priest in south england on a few occasions when i visited the church there.
    he really loves all people, in the church and outside as well, may God preserve his live and bless his spiritual children.

    where is bishop david going? i have seen him occasionally on youtube, he seems to be very knowledgeable and dedicated.
  • Mabsoota, you didn't know? For a couple of months now a new diocese has been formed in the US (New York and New England states), and HG Bishop David has been the first official diocesan bishop for it
  • i am in uk. sorry i did not pay so much attention to what happens in usa.
    congratulations to anba david.
    and congratulations to you who have received the much loved and missed anba karas!

    may God bless the work you all do for His kingdom.

Memorial for HH Pope Shenouda

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