New Years

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Peace to you all!

I want to wish you Happy New Year! May this the new year be filled with peace, love, joy.
May God guide you all in a right path in life and bless you.
God bless you all!
Please keep me in you're prayers



  • Happy new year!!! Hope ur new year resolution is to lift ur spirit to a higher level and to get closer to GOD!! And i hope ur new year is filled with joy!!
  • Happy new year everyone! ;D
    May God bless it and make it a year where we achieve a new level of closeness with Him

  • [coptic]Nofri rompi `mberi e;bytoten tyrou[/coptic]
    Happy new year for you all
    [coptic]`Mperer`pwbs tenersai `ntenrompi `mberi ejen =i=a `nCeptemper (ie =i=b> ete vai pe pihoit `n:wout[/coptic]
    Don't forget that we celebrate our new year on 11 September (or 12), which is the first of Tut
    [coptic]oujai qen `P=[=c[/coptic]
  • May God Bless this new year.
    Happy New Year! :) ;) ;D :D
  • HAPPPY NEW YEAR 09'  =]

  • Amen.

    Thank you and happy new year  :D
  • Happy New Year to all!
    My God bless and keep you safe :)
  • Happy new year!!!
    May the best moments in 2008 be the worst in 2009!!!

    God bless us all and aid us to get closer to Him...
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