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My Two Cousins(Daughters from my Aunt)Started A Diet..
Surely i wished to join them...but i Cant im 15 i have to be 16 to Start it...
So..I Would like to Ask what our Church Says about Diets/LoosingWeight..?
And what is your opinion?

Mine is:I Just want to be Healthy not because that People Like me(Mostely Boys)...
I Think i was overreacting..,Cause i Really started  to Plan my Future..
But God have to do This "Plan"...

Thanks For Reading...

Please pray For Me.....



  • Who said there was anything wrong with dieting... all the egyptians, i know, diet! its not haram.. ur just taking care of ur body.. and u dont have to start at each 16 to diet... u can start right now! just eat healthy (skip junk, carbs..etc.) and excercise.. there is no age limit to do that :) as long as ur not going anorexic or bulimic.. then ur fine!

  • In my point of view, everything we get from God is a 'wazna', a 'talent', it's our duty to take care of it and win with it and glorify God. Like if you are a good writer, you can write taraneem and such to glorify God. God also gave you good health, you have to take care of that, and take care of your body wich is where the Holy Spirit resides...
    So I think taking care of your body by dieting is a very good thing, good luck!

    God bless you
    Please pray for my weakness
  • Absolutely nothing to do with the church. Dieting is ok as long as you do not go crzy over it.
  • [quote author=coptmorous link=topic=7398.msg97884#msg97884 date=1228259363]
    Absolutely nothing to do with the church. Dieting is ok as long as you do not go crzy over it.

    actually it has a lot to do with church, a lot of people use the fasting time to diet, which is absolutely wrong, the church isnt here to try to help you loose weight, it is to help you learn self control. Also people sometimes diet because they want to look good for others, which is not a good reason to change yourself. the only reason someone should be on a diet is to be healthy, and to take care of your body, it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and where He lives should be healthy
  • That is fine..just dont turn anorexic or bullimic..

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