Prayers Please

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Hey Guys, its that time of year again(or close to for some). I just wanted to ask that we all remember those are taking exams and feel stressed during this period. May God open their minds and may His Will be done. If you guys can mention me in your prayers that would be great.

God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness


  • Who ever has an exam i'll pray for you!!! GBU!!
  • awww.....jydeacon,
    i was gonna post something abt exams tooo :'( bas you posted before me dude!!!

    I seriously need prayers, not matter how small I need it!
    It is that time of the semester for finals! and i either pass or fail, there is no in between....... either i know what i am supposed to know or not!!! and right now ....... i don't know my name :'( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sawaty ya maaaaa

    pray for me,

    way to go for ignoring me john!!!! see who is gonna IM you back when you message them! ha!! :P j.k.
  • I have exams coming up in a january, right after christmas (our christmas, the 7th)

    May the Lord be with us all, bless the time we have left and forgive us for the time we waisted!

    Rabbena me3ako kolloko

    Plz pray for me
  • I don't have exams till the end of January, but ill pray for you guys
  • Hey ΙΙδιακον , I wish you a lot of succes and don't be stressed, because you can
    do it! And everyone who has exam: [move]JESUS is with all of you and the prayers
    of  St. Mary and Baba Kyrilios, and all the saints  be with you!

  • may the prayers of St Mary and all Angels and Saints be with all of u . also mention me in ur prayers as also i'll have exam,s nearlly :) .
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