examss prayy=)

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heyy everyone...i truly want to ask u to pray for me in school.  thru the intercessions of all the saints amen..thank you



  • Rabena ma3aki... i ask for those prayers as well please ;)
    God Bless,
  • The prayers of the saints be with you both. Pray for me as well
  • Thank you Enough.  THank you Jydeacon.
    You are always in my prayers=) GBU

  • I will pray for you and you pray for me.
    God Bless
  • lol sure loca4christ thank you!

  • May god be with u guys during ur exams and through all times!!!

                                                                                      Pray for me,
  • Thank u regretful and sinner=) God bless you=)

  • Hey guys, can you please pray for me, im in year 12 here in Australia, Thanks.

  • I'll be praying for all of you. I ask that anyone who sees this prays for me as I have an important Calculus exam in about...13 hours, and I honestly do not understand most of it, so all the prayers will help. Thank you!
  • I would also like to ask for your prayers....made a lot of mistakes last semester and now that im just starting to get onto the right path, i feel that asking for your prayes would seal the deal. Thanks all who pray!

    your bro in Christ,
  • Rabbena me3ako !!!
    May the prayers of the saints be with you !!!
  • May gOd be with all of u...silentone hoow was ur test? pleease again everyone pray for me for i am scared wen reports come out please

  • hey everyone..i know im just adding to the prayer requests, but I also ask that you remember me in my time of hardship in school...i mean really HARD, for me anyway...I ask that He be with all in need, and I ask that you dont forget me, because prayers do matter.

  • I'm not sure how I did. There were only 5 questions, one of which I have never seen before, and another I know I got wrong. Here's hoping I get partial credit on something. Thanks for everyone's prayers, you'll all still be in mine, and please continue to pray for me, for well...haha I as well as pretty much all of you guys have school for quite a many more years.
  • LOL mkk God bless you =) rabena mahak

    pray for me pleasee everyonee=)

  • I'll pray for you all :)

    Here are some verses to good verses to keep you cool: http://loventu.blogspot.com/2007/04/verses-for-exam.html

    Make sure you take it easy and don't ever freak out!

    Btw I've got my School Certificate this coming up in a few weeks, I hear its really easy but some prayers can't hurt! So pray for me too ;)

    God bless!

  • THank you soo much.. i love  the verses.  that is very cool=))))

  • I am in yr 12 in Australia aswell.
    Please pray for me :) I need them!
    God Bless.
  • oooooo ChristopherBoctor :( HSC is in exactly 5 days!!! but no pressure whatsoever ;) dont worry u'll do fine!! trust in God+
    i'll make sure i remember to pray 4 u  :)
  • lol thanks trinity , yeh it is scary, i am very bad at english :(
    Apparently Abouna came to our house to bless me but i was at the library  :'( Just my luck eh?
    on the Bright side i got a sheet full of good Verses, a picture of Jesus, and an invitation to a dinner on the 23rd Nov, and Baraka.
  • lol... all those baraka.. what else could u possibly want??? besides u forgot to look at the wow brighter side: U FINISH IN A MONTH!! thats it no more school..
    and dont worry about english, hardly ever any egyptians are good at english. yet, they are the ones that get the top UAI (after asians)...
    rabena ma3ak...
  • lol yeh thats because they all do the top unit of mathematics :D
    which i do :P
    4unit maths is going to scale me so much, but still English is going to be very painful.
    And maybe my software exam :(
  • mate u do 4u and ur worried?!!! u'll definitely be fine!!! watch, a month exactly from now , God willing i'll be congratulating you and u'll be teasing me ;)

    but one thing i can actully say at the moment, " GET OFF THE COMP AND EITHER SLEEP, PRAY OR STUDY!!"  im not trying to stress u anymore but UR EXAM IS ON FRIDAY!! get off the computer...
    rabena yehdeek w yesa3dak..lol..
  • LOL LOL haha good luck christopher and u too trinity+
    God b with you
  • thankyou guys, i will try to remember to pray for you all ;) :)
  • [quote author=ChristopherBoctor link=topic=7181.msg95492#msg95492 date=1223890682]
    thankyou guys, i will try to remember to pray for you all ;) :)

    thank you=)

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