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Hey guys, i study german and would like to know if anyone here is german (i dont mean literally german but any german copts), i would love to visit germany one time for a convention or something. sehr gut!!!!!

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  • God Bless
    Please pray for me
  • Do you know if they are making a convention in germany, i would love to go. By the way i live in Australia.

    +Please Pray For Me+
  • No sorry, I know this summer there's a youth convention in italy... don't know the details though...

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    Please pray for me
  • godislove, wouldnt the church in Eindhoven, the Netherlands be closer to you than the ones in Germany?

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    Please pray for me
  • oh :( thanks anyway for your help.

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  • Sorry copt4eva for interrupting...

    godislove, I dont live in Eindhoven, I live in Amsterdam :) I do have friends in Eindhoven though... Come to Amsterdam once if possible! I'll introduce you to Hos Erof :p and to myself ofcourse lol


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    Please pray for me
  • Hey i was born in germany so surely i can German:)
    Would be happy if you answer me...
  • Hey Vany2010 its nice to know you are german, how do you find a german mass? if you have any i would love to know the link.

    +Please Pray for Me+
  • heyy copt4eva

    I will looking for you one im not sure i can find but i looking for it

    Yes i will,Please pray for me Too...!!
    Everyone needs Prayer.
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