it is finally here

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at 9 56 pm eastern abuna told me i am ready for baptisem shortly time and date to be determent but that is it i am done finally thank god


  • Congrats, welcome to the Coptic Orthodox Church. However, you are far from being 'finally done'...rather, you are just beginning.
  • congratulations!! you must feel very good right now. Severus' words are very true. You are just beginning. Don't think that you have obtained eternal life by being baptised. The devil will try and deceive you once you are baptised but remain strong.
  • Congratulations, welcome to the faith, and as Severus said, this is only the beginning of your new life with Christ.
  • Congratulations and may God grant you strength and steadfastness in the Orthodox faith!

    God bless you and pray for your brothers and sisters

  • Congratulations.

    +Please Pray For Me+
  • [quote author=bigeee link=topic=6907.msg92511#msg92511 date=1215662527]
    at 9 56 pm eastern abuna told me i am ready for baptisem shortly time and date to be determent but that is it i am done finally thank god

    Congratulations. Its the best thing that could happen to u.

    Remember to confess and repent daily, and have the Holy Communion on a regular basis after your baptism.
  • Congratulations bigee. Heaven is rejocing for a new member. The church is heavens embassy so u need to follow its instructions to enter hevenly jerusaluem. Its a long road with many thorns, but God is our fortress. God bless and help u on ur spiritual path.

    Pray for my weakness,

    Coptic Youth
  • Congratulations, we are all rejoicing for a new member in the Coptic Orthodox Church...

    May the Lord strengthen you and guide you always

    God Bless you
  • Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations May God always be with you & strengthen you
  • ;D CONGRATS!!!! :D
  • bigee, thats great news;)in one week time i will also go to the father and ask for acceptance to be baptised end of july i think;)all the best to you;)
  • Just out of curiosity, how long did u have to wait to be baptised?? How much bible study was required, and waiting?
  • hi it has taking me 14 months with my current foc i use to go to anthor foc but due to distance it only lasted 4 months before this foc and not to much bible study for me because i have so many christian friends so i was knoaladgble from the very beging
  • Congratulations, May God continue to Shepherd you through your journey, and may you strengthen in His Bride, the Church.

    pray for me

  • Wow congratulations!
    I really do envy you, being baptised at a young age it's hard to appreciate its importance.

    God bless you brother, the whole of heaven is rejoicing for you :)
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