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Sorry, I really didn't know where to post this topic because I don't think it fits in any of them but anyways I found this nice appearance for all of you who use Firefox web browser. It's called Bible Fox And I'd like to share it with you. It basically changes the appearance of your Firefox browser. For example, The homepage button is a church, The Refresh Page button is a dove, the Stop page button is a cross and so on. This is what you have to do to get BibleFox.

1.) Click "File" on the top left of your computer screen then click new tap.

2.) Once on the new tap click "Bookmarks" then click "Mozilla Firefox".

3.) One that opens click on "Customize Firefox"

4.) Once on that page click the blue underlined words that read "Fire-Fox add-ons"

5.) Once on that page click "Themes" under "Categories" on the left hand side.

6.) Search for  "Bible" And download either the blue or the brown one.

7.) Enjoy!

8.) If you have any questions please ask.

God Bless,
Copt Andrew


  • This is very nice ;D
    Thank You
  • I used that a long time agoe when I had firefox It was really cool.
  • No problem. I'm glad you enjoy it.
  • Thnk You so much for that!
  • I'm back, Kinda posting it in the wrote place but I don't mind if more people learn about Biblefox...
    So anyways, My computer was  internet disabled for a couple or weeks (About a month and a half) because of some technical issues. I'm apologizing because I haven't been active lately. Sorry agian and Glad2Bback.

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • is FireFox better than internet explorer?
  • Personally, I like it more. It's safer, smoother, and with some computers faster loading and faster downloads. So, I think it is.  ;D

    God Bless,
    Copt Andrew
  • Theres also a program called "e-sword" type esword in google and download it for free its nice .  God bless
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