Plaease...Resurrection Songs and Hymns in ENGLISH

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Please...Resurrection Songs and Hymns in ENGLISH


  • The first one is the only one in English...
  • Actually I open my mouth and proclaim is an english medeeha for the Resurrection and So is Very Early Sunday Morning
  • Thanks for your reply...I meant that last one in English not the first...i am looking for the famous Song in English for my kids and for Sunday School...Thanks again.
  • Which famous english song? Kam haqan in english?
  • There is a song in ebglish called Lord I lift your name on high

    here are the lyrics................

    Lord, I lift Your name on high
    Lord, I love to sing Your praises
    I'm so glad You're in my life
    I'm so glad You came to save us

    You came from heaven to earth
    To show the way
    From the earth to the cross
    My debt to pay
    From the cross to the grave
    From the grave to the sky
    Lord, I lift Your name on high
  • Not sure whether you want a kiddsee type of song like above... or a real easter hymn that we sing for communion for you sunday school kids.

    But never the less here are my 2 cents..

    There are 2 hymns here that we sing at our church for holy communion time.
    1. Very Early Sunday
    2. Christ is Risen (Ekhrestos Anesty)
  • Thanks so much...I really want as many English songs as there is out there...especially in Audio so the kids can hear them and learn...Thanks a lot
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