How many time do you confess?

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My FOC told me at least once a month, but we sin everyday, so shouldnt we be confessing everyweek before taking communion?


  • Well ya you're right we do sin everday, because wer'e not perfect
    and were all prone to sin.  So even if we confess, say before Communion, were verly likely to sin during the mass.
    Thus sinning, can't be counted by the numbers.  I know the recomended is every month, and the maximum is within 40 days. I also know people who do it bimonthly.  Personally my FOC (May God rest his soul) used to tell me that you should take Communion continually unless you 1. Havent' confessed in a ridicously long time. or 2. Did something very drastic, that hasn't been confessed.
  • I agree, for those who actually serve as deacons its actually recomended that you confess weekly but not many do this. Monthly is a good thing to do as well, even though you have a higher chance of forgetting to mention something. Do as your FOC recomends for YOU.
  • Actually jydeacon, I have read in H.G. Bishop Mettaeous' "Deacons and Deaconnesses" book that the rule for deacons is once per month...
  • That makes sense, i was told by mlm that we should confess weekly because we are serving everyweek and what not, i didn't get it from an authority, both make sense, i think for deacons it really should be weekly(although i don't follow that either) or everyweek that they serve because they should be pure of thought and deeds and should be found blameless infront of the Lord
  • oh ic, thanx guys...
  • Even though we are not continuously confessing our sins, our souls should always be repenting for ALL our sins and we should be living with Christ.

    We cannot have communion if we commit a sin that is new to us and has never been confessed... for example, you could have confessed that you lied, and after confession you lied again- you can have communion as long as you are truly repentant for this. However, if you dissobey your parents, and you have never confessed this before, you cannot have communion even if you have repented.

  • Every two weeks is a good habit to get into... if possible, ya3ny.
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