Coptic Christmas

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hey everyone! i hope everyone is doing well =D

i just wanted to ask if anyone knew how to say "Merry Christmas" in the coptic language. oh and i think that happy new year is "[coptic]Nofri rompi[/coptic]" please correct me if im wrong, thanks in advance, GB and Happy holidays!


  • lol alright i think i just found it, please correct me if im wrong.

    I think its [coptic]Nofri sai[/coptic]?

  • no idea, sorry lol  :D
  • In coptic, Merry Christmas is said as "Pikhristos avmasf" and the person that the words were directed at replies with "Khen Omethmi Avmasf". I would use the coptic font but the "x" isn't coming out as a "kei" and I didn't want to write out the wrong

  • Thanks!

    Pikhristos Avmasf

    That means 'Christ has been borne', I thought.

    And Khen Omethmi, means 'In Truth', so, 'In truth has borne...

  • lol well that saying is pretty much the coptic greeting for easter, but instead of has risen it's has been born lol but thanks everyone!
  • My pleasure  ;)

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