Hi, I'm a new member.

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Hi, I'm new to this site. I just wanted to say hi. I have been reading the many wonderful posts for about a month and a half now. It's really nice that many different view points are shared in these discussions. Also, my friend is having trouble with logging in. She already created a username but she isn't receiving an email with the password. Any suggestions?


  • Well, first I'd like to welcome you to this site. For your friend who can't log in I don't know what the problem could be. My only suggestion is he/she make another username and make sure he/she types his/her email address correctly, and then wait and see if an email is received this time. If that doesn't work I really don't know what the problem could be. Hope everything works out!

  • Thanks. I'll be sure to get that to her. ;)
  • hey buddy im george, tell us a bit about urself?
  • Finally it worked! ;D btw everybody, I'm new to this site too, im the one that lordhavemercy was talking about
  • hey how u goin , i love ur name, u r a gal rite, cause if not, dude!

    nah im just playin, i george awsome 2 meet u
  • Hey George,

    It's nice to meet you. I'm from the US. From what I've been reading, you're from Australia right? ???
    Btw, sorry for taking so long to answer.
  • hey george,
    the pleasure is mine :) I'm glad u liked the username thingy, it took me hours to come up with something, lol, guess I'm just slow or something.
  • aswome, so lordhavemercy also a winner name, u male or female,
    and if u dont mind what r ur real names cause it hard writtin all that out 4 u guys all the time, yeh im australian were u guys from...
    come on were all family tell us ur names, ages, locations, strengths,weaknesses, loves,hates, u say urs than ill say mine deal?
  • Thanks. You can just nickname me LHM, and by the way, I'm female.
  • thas aiight, i understand, its kool, i feel hurt, but its kool...
  • Hi, i WAS a new member so i might as well write
    I like purple cones
    I like those cups with the water in the inside and u put em in the freezer and that water ffreezes and cup stays cold for a while
    And then i like recycled paper that i can use in my printer cause its cheaper
    Sometimes i like to listen to Bolos Malak on my way to school but then sometimes when i take the short cut i dont listen to anything at all cause im usually late
    I have mostly gray, and blue type shirts and im beginning to appreciate shib shibs in the summer
    im a male, im a deacon, i like to listen to satir mikhail, sometimes when im fasting i eat ready to eat cans of fool (sometimes), in the fitar i eat everything, unless it looks like somethiung i have in my body such as mokh and alb stuff like that, i eat liver (kibda) though
    i use to like riding bikes but then i got lazy, and now i just go to borders and look at everybody studying
  • uh.. thanks tony! :P ;D
  • Lol.

  • lol, I'm in tears from laughter. :D
  • mate all u do is laugh and cry ;D
  • Hello all,

    Just wanted to say hello to all my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm new here so just wanted to say hello. This looks like an awesome site. God bless.

  • hey there,
    Welcome :). This site is a lot of fun, and the ppls are very nice. hope u like it.
  • Hey Ppl..I'm also new here...Ive been involved alot with Coptichymns..which I think is a gr8 site! and as I can see here..this seems gr8 2..and ppl seem really nice..well as some of u r intrducing urself..(eg. tony :P) lol..i thout i would 2...thanx for that egytony btw..i thout that was hilarious..;)

    Well..I'm not reluctant to say my name.. G.J.I..I agree with you...we r all sisters and brothers in Christ:)...and btw..im female..my name is Marian..and I'm from sydney Australia..:)...
    Well..i dont know what else people want to know about me..lol..I go 2 St George church...I think I better leave it there 2day...hope to receive replies..and keep it comin people!!

  • hey god bless u and welcome to the site sis
  • Welcome to the site Maz, you're going to love it and be addicted to it just as much as we are...lol

  • welcom Lord Have Mercy strange you have more posts then me jlol

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