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i had a dram...actually two but the important one...
i was dreaming bout sajedna and me and the church....
i went into church and wantet to talk with sajedna...he didn't want to, he didn't want to talk with me...he was angry at me, cause i come to sajedna with the same problems everytime....but i didn't listen to him ... i wantet to "talk" about my sins...he ignored me...i felt on my knees and startet to cry...i was huging him (actually his legs) and cried and told him about everything...and that i was sorry for that what i did...but he didn't listen to what i said....he was ignoring me....
than i woked up...its a strange feeling, i don't want to loose sajedna cause he is like my father and and who wants to loose his father?
i'm a bit confused...

plz reply and tell me what u think about that
pray for me


  • hey man...I know how you feel. Let me start off by telling you how lucky you are that you are getting such a dream, though it is troubling. The positive side is that sayedna in your dream represents Gods thoughts and his works. Obviously God uses His people for His work and he is using the image of sayedna to tell you what he thinks. God here is clearly telling you that you are sinning the same sins over and over again. Sayedna had compassion on you before by helping you when you came to him, but now he is upset because you are not trying to fix your sins. (I know how you feel because i have had these dreams before). The way to stop sayedna from ignoring you is that after you confess your sins, try really hard not to do it again, and since this is a dream, sayedna represents Gods thoughts and feelings. But dont get too upset, just know that God loves you very much and he sent you this dream to guide you, so you sould listen to it and confess and stop doing whatever it is that you are doing wrong, even though it may be very difficult. But if God is going to send you this dream to guide you, then he will also strengthen you when you try to stop this sin you are committing. Im sorry for the long message but I hope it helps
  • hey,
        dont be worried from your dream .....and your  dreams come to be when you mix your thoughts so maybe you were thinkin about bishops and then you had  night mare--just my opinion.. but maybe God is trying to tell you somthing you never know...and dont worry sajedna wont ignore you lol
  • Dear aripsalin,
    I strongly agree with what ron said. Just concentrate on repentance, and you will never lose sayedna.
    God bless you and mention me in your prayers
  • thank u for ur replies.....thanl u very much
    i hope if god wants to, that i will get awy from my sins...
    pray for me all of u
    god bless u all
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