Where are the Saint's Movies?

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Hello everyone:
  My name is David and I have registered today to be a member in this blessed site. Before I used to come to this site for the purpose of watching the Saint's Movies (under Media --> Videos menu), where i love watching "Abouna Abdel Masseh El Maqari". I got lots of blessings from watching Abouna Abdel-Maseeh's movie. But i was surprised yesterday when i did not find his move posted! and also the other Saint Movies that are not anymore!

I wonder what happened and I pray for the Saint's movies to be returned back as they used to be before.

I decided to register today and write this letter requesting to return Saint’s movies back specially "Abouna Abdel Masseh El Maqari".

Please advise if there are any alternative sites/links where i might find Abouna Abdel Masseh El Maqari's movie?

Thanks very much and God Bless;




  • Dear David,
    First, I would like to welcome you as a registered member of our site.

    Second, in regards to your comments about the saints videos.  They were removed in preparation for Holy week.  As you know, the church does not celebrate the saints during Holy week since we focus only on our Lord and Savior during that time. 

    Also, we are used to broadcasting Holy week church services live on line from Saint Mark Coptic Church, in Jersey City, NJ.  We need to dedicate the resources to the video broadcast. 

    God willing, after the Holy feast of Resurrection, we will put the videos back up online again. 

    Please keep the service in your prayers.

    T A S B E H A . O R G
  • Thanks very much akramy for your kind response. I am sorry that i missed realizing that this is the time of the year where Jesus is our focus.

    My best wishes to this great service which I believe that its blessed and supported from above.....



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