i cant stand my parents

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buy im about to break..wanting to be sooooooooooooooooooooooo rebel becuase i cant stand them anymore

they expect me to study 24/7 when im not in the mood
i hate to clean and they want me to
i dont want to put too much effort in my life at the moments, im in a very low time in my life
they think im a liar (lost my trust with them)

im at the point of breakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking
like at the moment im having a fight
she just told me to not make her hate me


  • No offense but it doesn't seem like you are making your parents that happy either. i hate studying too but i don't have a choice if i want to get into a good college and succeed in life. i am sorry you are in a low point in your life but that is no reason to hate your parents. God commands us (not wants us) to honor our parents. not honoring them is a grave danger. i talk from experience. it all ways seemed that whenever i was upset with my parents or they were upset with me that my life would be miserable in nearly every aspect of life. but when everything was good with them my life was smooth and everything was good. so i don't suggest you go around saying that you hate your parents
  • All parents want us to study, i mean my parents expect me to study before i go to church on a sunday morning. They just want the best for you telling you study. I dont like when they say to me you should study like this person because he is smarter but what can you do they're our parents they just want the best for us.

    And we shouldnt say we hate our parents bu love them and take their advice.

    Hoope i helped a bit.
  • i use 2 hav parents like u and i use 2 hav the same atitude like u. just do wat they say. wat r u gona lose. the onlii thing that will hapen is 4 u 2 gain reward in heavan and im telling u... this is 2 evry1 who reads this. i no u herd tgis a ilion times but PRETEND GOD IS STANDING RITE IN FRONT OF U(wich he is but not that physicalii)
    hope i helped u
    even a little
  • look the only reason they are saying this is becuz they want u to succeed in life. if u dont do wat they want then , u wil regret it later on . they luv. like copicluva said imagine god standing rite there. he would obey all the time. he obeyed his cucifixion. he let his body die. now look at ur problem compared to his.

    see ya hpe i helped.
  • i'm not gonna say that they say that cuz they want you to succeed, because, i honestly have no idea why. my parents are basically the same, ...they freak when im on the phone, on the computer, 2 inches away from my house (and ect.) , it's pretty much crazy, and i know how you feel,, i came home from semester exams, layed down fer a while, and my dad yelled at me and told me to study. it's strange. i'm always expected to study, or clean, or be praying like out loud. and when i compare my life with my friends, and how their room is their room they get to do w/e and how after an hour of studying they're free to do w/e yet they get straight a's and ect. and it upsets me, but i just remember all the good things my parents have done for me, are doing for me , and all the sacrafices they have made, it outnumbers all the crazy stuff they do and say. (did i get wayy of topic? ..i tend to do that.)
  • ok i admit i might not be th best faughter but they way they are doing it is making my head pop. example: can i go ----- with my friends? NO! u have gone too many places these holidays (where i didnt go anywhere) and btw my daughter we will be going ______ on 54/44/4532
    i say NO i need to study "in a sarcastic tone" and then the fight begines where they tell me not to "etwege3" (another word for rebel sort of)

    what should i do?
  • try talking to them nicelya andd pray a lot ask jesus for help.. hes ur frend. maybe u want to ask ur father in confession. im not sure bout that.

    hpe i helped
    a little bit......
  • come on all parents are like that
    you should know better that they want the best for you
    why do you think they would tell you that
    its not their future its yours you should be studying without waiting for anybody to tell you go and study
    you know better then that
    its your choise its your future
    sorry if i am being tuff with you
    and thanx
  • I don't know how old you are, but when you get older you will understand that this is the best for you. Egyptian families are known for being soooooooo STRICT on their daughters.
    you are not the first nor last, we all been there, and to be honest you are going to treat your kids that way too, because you are going to see things like you parents do ( IN A PARENT POINT OF VIEW).
    Pray for me,
  • for me i like when my parents tell me no about something cuz by that i know that they care about me. When i care about someone i talk with them and if they don't listen i force them to
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