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i have a cross that they gave out at school and i always wear it. but a couple days ago i went to visit my neighbour and she's not Christian. i didnt wear the cross to her house because i thought it might offend her. did i do the right thing? should i have worried about offending her?
opinions will be appreciated.


  • Before I reply to your post..I don't mean to judge you in anyway (God knows I am the last one who should be judging)
    The answer is no..you didn't do the right thing. The right thing is to not to offend God, how was she going to be offended if you wear your cross?
    Say for example she was a muslim woman, would she takes off the hijab before coming into your house? Of course not. I know you should be considering of others, but when it comes to your religion and your values, you are who you are and no one should change that.
  • I agree with Marriane87 you should never hide that you are a Christian. Jesus said, "Whoever is embarassed of me, I will be embarassed of him infront of My Father."
    Just Like Marriane87 i am not trying to judge you i am just stating my opinion.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • I agree too. and maybe if you had worn your cross, maybe God would have opened a path for you to preach to her. You never know. . . God works in miraculous ways.
  • oh...
    i never thought of it like that.
    lol that was a pretty silly question when you think about it :-[
  • silly? nah
    we all do stuff or say things which we dont think about at the time but through discussions u open ur eyes to other possiblilies which is good, think of it as a learning experience

    the important thing is that u learn from the past
  • yes, you are right kerestina. it's just that i've heard that verse "whoever is embarassed of Me, I will be embarassed of you in front of My Father" a million times that i cant believe i forgot it!
  • that is really close to what happened to my friends. She was working in a restrant and the boss told her to stop wearing the cross in work. SHe asked abouna and he told her to wear it. U should be proud to be christian and alway wear your cross. Weraing the cross will never ofend snyone.
  • i have been told that your cross is like your protector it helps you when ever and when you feel lost or confused i usually hold my cross in my fingers and find my anwers. so dont taKe your cross of because you feel you might offend someone or because your boss tells you not. your cross is important. have you heard of blue necks? well if not its a saying and it was your great great great (and maYbe more great ) ancestors carried a really heavy wooden cross on their necks. muslims made any christain wear these crosses to torture them. so to get to my point ur great great Great ancestors had these really heavey cross with out feeling as if they offended anyone so dont think your offending any one when you taKe your cross of exept yourself aNd GOD. (im not trying to seem mean if thats what it sounds like just helping) ;) ;D
  • what st.monica told you guys happened to me and i never took it out but he started to Bothering me and i left the job
    never take out your cross,
  • yeah i agree cuz ur takin out jesus. u will not offend her and if u do its out of ur hand. ur doin the rite thing. even it hurts others. it shouldnt offend them cuz they dont tae off any of their things so thats wat i think. hppe i helped even a littleee..
  • Galations 6:14: "But God forbid that I boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the WORLD has been crucified to me and I the WORLD."

    All people have a connection to the saving cross of Jesus Christ. Show them what they have been looking for through this fingerprint of God.
  • I have to disagree with you selefana, you should never hide what your beliefs are and just like what Davidschanter said in his post, you should boast in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even if it costs you your job. If you lose a job over something like that then I am positive that God has a better job in store for you.
  • I had a question after reading all these great posts. I don't wear a cross around my neck it kinda of bugs me, so i have a big cross which I keep in my pocket( but only when I leave my house) is this wrong?
  • I don't think so. that should be fine. i've been wearing a cross since i was like three. at first it was annoying me but after a while it becomes like a part of your body. it feels awkward when i take it off now. i think i have been wearing my cross for like 5 years with out taking it off.(at least not on purpose it occasionaly falls off)
  • so is it rong NOT to wear a cross
  • Its not wrong but its not right either. We should want to wear a cross but i don't think its a sin if you don't. but if you wear it you should never take it off. i wear it as if it is a sheild.
  • if u don't wear a cross because u r so afraid to wear it infront of people so that is wrong but if u don't wear a cross but u have one all the time next to u so that is ok.
  • I only have it when I leave the house only. I don't have it in my pocket all the time.
    Pray for me
  • [quote author=St. Monica link=topic=4978.msg67653#msg67653 date=1171588737]
    if u don't wear a cross because u r so afraid to wear it infront of people so that is wrong but if u don't wear a cross but u have one all the time next to u so that is ok.

    i just wanted to comment about the cross in general.

    in the Doxology of the feast of the cross, we say:

    The Cross is our weapon, the Cross is our hope, the Cross is our confirmation, in our troubles and sufferings.

    First let's look at the first part, The Cross is our weapon. that's because it was the weapon that Christ used to crush down death and bring us salvation. that's why we should use it as a weapen against every evil thing. including devils, deamons, bad thoughts..ect.

    Second part, the Cross is our hope. it's our hope because we took it as the sign that remind us of the salvation we were granted through it. and it is what remind us of the hope of going to heaven, or returning to our original estate.

    Third part, the Cross is our confirmation. it's our confirmation in our faith untill this day.

    Fourth part, in our troubles and sufferings. on earth we have tripulations and suffering that Christ Himself spoke about. these suffering will not pass away without the cross of our Savior and its many blessings, including what's listed above.

    You can try for yourself that a cross there will always be a comfort for you. if you're waering a cross while you're asleep, u'll never, never get nightmares.  the cross is the sowrd that you have in your hand as a sheild against all evil.

    May be what's listed above, can give a person a reason to wear a cross.
  • This is buetiful thank you.
    Pray for me
  • i agree with you.
  • wow, thanks i've learned soo much!
  • but is it wrong to take off your cross because it doesnt match your outfit? (yes, as you can probably tell, i am a girl ;) :P)
  • [quote author=person55 link=topic=4978.msg67956#msg67956 date=1172266379]
    but is it wrong to take off your cross because it doesnt match your outfit? (yes, as you can probably tell, i am a girl ;) :P)

    oh come on. that's a lame excuse. with what we have today, you can get a cross in any color or size. also you don't have to show it all the time. the cross is there to protect you more than to show others
  • lol, if it does not match your outfit, what i do is i wear a gold cross so that it always matches my earrings, anywayz thats not the point the point is you should wear your cross because it protects you and it shows people that you are christian and that you are proud to be one.. and for that women, i would not go to her house again because maybe she has a devil or bad spirirt in her, you never know

    hope i helped, plz pray for me

  • k
    lemee tell u a story
    wen i went 2 egypt i was sooooo afraid 2 wear my cross becuz 4 sum reason i was afraid of muslims....my brother told me dat it was a sin wat i did

    maybee u can relate
  • [quote author=person55 link=topic=4978.msg67956#msg67956 date=1172266379]
    but is it wrong to take off your cross because it doesnt match your outfit? (yes, as you can probably tell, i am a girl ;) :P)

    i am a girl and i care so much about my outfits and matching them
    but get 2 crosses one silver and the other gold and it will look great in everythingl ol
    plus that now they have crosses in every color and style so if u care that much u can match it easily
  • As long as you have the cross in your heart, thats all that matters=)

  • Hello persson55,
    We are children of Jesus Christ.  As we love our god, we have to love him from all of our hearts and we do not care what the world says because in your mind, we have a moral dilemma.  In our minds, we think "is it right or wrong" but the devil is telling you the wrong thing.  We have the devil in our minds forcing us not to show our love to Jesus Christ.  In my class, most of them are non-christians and I wear my cross even if they like it or not.
    May god show us the right path and pray for me and all of our weakness. 
  • The important thing is the cross you bear in your heart...
    If you wear a cross, you shouldn't take it off so as not to offend someone, but if you didn't wear one in the first place, there's nothing wrong with that, personally, I wear a cross occasionally, mostly in my free time, but I don't wear it when I'm at school or working, at least not visibly...

    Remember we are a religion of spirituality and of deeds, not of mere looks...
    You don't have to wear a cross to be a true christian, nor is wearing one an assurance that you are one...

    (just my opinion)

    God Bless you
    Please pray for me
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