whats your favorite songs

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i would like to know what is your favoritr songs are
and favorite saints
my favorite song is ro7 allh its in arabic means the spirit of god
and my favorite saint is st.Mary

so whats yours i would like to know more about you guys

god bless you all



  • Definetly the one in my signature...it's called el demo3 el mora and it's obvious that it's an arabic one ;D
    Favorite saints...Pope Kyrollis and of course saint Mary and the rest tab3an

    By the way...welcome Selefana to the site...hope you enjoy it :)
  • i would say my favorite song would be Lo la3m i love that song my favorite saints would be baba kyrollos and philopateer merkorios and st. mary of course and really all of them
  • i would definetly say my favourite song is of all nations and favourite saints are St. Mary of course and St. George
  • my favorite song is "sorty 3andak" and "mabtensash"
    i love mar mina and St. mary
  • i always had a question about favorite saints.... first of all... my favorite is Anba Bola... he just amazes me, and his miracles are WOW..... and for some reason, he likes to wear cop clothes in most of his miracles!!!!!!!!!!!

    i don't know... its kinda hard to explain this, but image that i need something from God... so i ask God directly for it. I know God loves me as He promised, and if i pray with faith, He will grant me what i asked for. I don't know why we would want to ask for the intercessions of a saint for the same matter if we know God will give us what we ask for!!!!!! but this is different from praying to the Father by the Son, am i making sense? did u guys ever think like me be4?

    anyways... i don't think of this that often now since i knew anba bola.... i actually enjoy talking with him :)
  • :)thank you all for replying to my question
    but AnbaBola i am so interested to what you were saying and i really don't have a favorite saint accept st. Mary so when i read your reply i was amazed and i am kind of sad that i really don't have a favorite saint to talk to. or ask him or her to intercede for me. its hard and i am scared that not having a favorite saint would be something wronge ???

    i just feel picking a favorite saint means that i like that saint more than any one else i don't like that i like all of them

    please help me and reply back and tell me your opinion, and tell me what you think i should do
  • hey selefana...
    I was like you at first before Anba Bola.... I liked all the saints and on top of them Saint Mary.
    I always like praying to God and asking Him for forgiveness directly without saints in between lol.... untill I watched the movie of Anba Bola..... I don't know what happened to me, but I just loved him soo much, I saw simplicity, humbleness, meekness and so much love he had for God that made him able to live 90yrs away from ppl. I found myself being absorbed to him and from there the friendship started. He did a lot to me so far and I'm happy with him being my intercessor, but at the same time, I love all the other saints too :D

    I don't think its wrong that you didn't choose your "best friend" yet - in my opinion at least..... just wait and pray, and you will find him/her very soon (u will takabally fih/fiha soon :D )........ like what happened with me.

  • My favorite song ya seti is "baheabak ya homar" by sa3d el sa3'er!
    Baheabak ya homar, ana baz3al awy lama had eolak ya homar...."
    that is my favorite song alirght!

    However my FAVORITE TARNEMA is alot, I have lots of favorite, Bas main ones are el oleka, kan fe 3nod 3enab, kenesti kenesti, mabtensash, and all of the lil kidy songs!!!

  • kan fe 3nod 3enab, kenesti kenesti

    I love this tape "ehky ya tariy7`", how about 'dobi dobi fina', 'nawary' and 'lama kan el dam be yanzal'? i listen to'em almost everyday.....

    my favorite tarnima is 'el salam lak ya anba bola' :D :D
  • Wow........ I love them Tarnemas you named, anbabola!
    You can actualy find that tape on St-takla.org, in the kids corner ;)!!

    Yeah, I am a kid!
  • church hymn: efligomenos

    hymn: kayfa ansa..things like that..

    favourite saint: i dont think i have one..its not i cant choose...its just i cant seem ot take a liking in any:S they are all ok...
    maybe st marina the monk..like with her patience n stuff but i dunoo..
  • thank you all
    and pray for me trying to get a favorite saint
  • hey selfana, i haven't talked to you since a very long time. My favorite Saint is Pope Kyrolos, Mar-Mina and of COurse St-Mary(she is amazing), i will tell you about recent miracles she did for me when i see oyu at church. My favorite tarnema is Kalbi al khafaq (reminds me of Nadia lol). DOn't forget to got to Sunday school this week. :(
  • i love kefa ansa and ALL 2asa2es songs.
  • did u ever hear of "how could i " it is here on tasbeha. it is a beautiful song. i luv all the saints including st mary mahraeel, george, abanoub, ana somoune, demina and marina. i rely do luv these saints.
  • Church Hymns: Singari Psalm, Rare festal psalm 150
  • i love those song too
    thanx for telling

    selefana :)
  • ever here of the solid rock, oh beloved, they r wonderful
  • i luv how could i
  • oh beloved is wonderful
  • oh my god i love those too :o
  • u ever heard Light of the world. it is the best. i don't listen to english songs that much but i love this song
  • i know it nice and i wish i could know it as you do it very nice song :D
  • luv how could i and oh beloved. ever here of st mahrail she died wen she was about 12/13. anyone no exactly.
  • what you talking about ???
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