What should i do??????

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i hav a friend....
she use to be my "best friend"
she takes me away from rabena and lies all the time....
i m not trying 2 juge.... i probably most definetali do more sins than her.....
wat should i do?????? ???


  • The best thing to do is Pray, Fast since it is Jonahs fast and repent. As for your friend pray for her as well and possibly talk to her and show her that you care about what she is doing. if she is taking you away from Rabena then you should not be hanging out with her. you shouldn't let yourself be taken away from God no matter what even if its your parents. hold on to your faith and start to distance yourself from people that take you away from the Lord.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • i hav the same problem. if u wnat try talkin to her. if it wil break up a frendship then forget it. pray for her always as if she is sick. she is sick w/ the devil in that case and u should rely pray for her. maybe tryin to breng her to church. hmmmm. is she coptic orthodox.
  • ive also got a friend (i dont exaxtly talk to them that much anymor because of it) that does horrible stuff from mine and other's point of views...what i did was talk to my father of confession and he said just keep up the prayer and he said he'd pray for them too. its good if you've got support from your other friends, even if its an anonymous prayer too. pray for them...it really helps. and talking reallly does help, just dont put them down in a mean way, but nicely and tell them whats wrong.
  • i agree with that you shouldn't not let anyone take you away from god, but pray and try to take her closer to god

    god be with you :D
  • thanz guys
    ill surelii take your advice......
    RaBEna Ma3akoM
  • and to u mahraeel..........
    i hope u take all the advice
    RabEnA mA3aki yA MaHraEEl
  • thx i no i hav the same problem. father in confessionn said to try to bring them to church. but thats unlikely.
  • i suggest u take the adice 2 mahraeel
  • Helo dear
    Well lol, i think that the best thing to do is to talk with her, talk with her and tell her that you like her so much and that you care about her spiritual life, but just watch out your words, don't try to be harsh on her, just talk to her nicely. If she is really your friend and considers you as a best friend, she will definitely try her best not to upset, she will try not to do anything that keeps you away from God. Lol i will tell you one thing that I experienced from life "Nothing is more important than your relationship with God", believe me everything changes except the love of God towards us. White things turn black, and black becomes white, friends come and go, so nothing is stable in life except the relationship between you and God, I just experienced that but in the hard way,

    I hope that i helped, PM if you need to ask about anything

    Yalla take care

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