what do u think it means?????

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ive read in the bible a verse
im not sure were though...........
its about this...............
Jesus said
many will enter through the wide gate but few will enter the narrow gate.....
ive learned a little about this verse in Bible studies....
i want to know your opinon...........
what or how do u feel about it???
wat do u think it means

i want your opinions.......
go into details..............
God Bless


  • Many will enter through the wide gate i think refers to that many people just take the easy way through life but i don't remember the exact passage this phrase that you put is from so i can't really get into depth since you pulled it out of context. if i am not mistaken the people who take the wide path don't make it to heaven. and the few who will enter the narrow gate are those who love Him and follow His comandments and are true in faith and those are the ones who will go to heaven. Hope i helped

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • Yea i figure it means that if you dont take your life seriously you will enter hell but if you do take your life seriously you will enter heaven.

    The narrow gates means youve suffered in life to reach heaven.
    The wide gates suggest the you did not really take any notice of your life.
  • k the wide gate is the way t2 heell. if u put it that way. many ppls fal into tempatation and go there w/ the devil. wat jesus means is that we r getin away from him. it is very easy for us to foolow the devil. for an ex" were all tired and rite after the mass were all wakin up. u see. that was temptation. the narrow is obviously narrow and not wide cuz as u can see, not a lot of ppls follow the lord jesus christ. lke for an example 5 out of 100.

    hpe i answered ur question. plezz pray 4 me.
  • i agree too ;D
  • this is wat i think it means and wat my bible studies teacher said.......................
    most of the people enter the wide gate becuz they do manii sins
    the wide gate is the gate 2 h*ll
    the narrow is the way 2 heaven
    it is harder 2 enter the narrow gate
    becuz it is easy 2 do a sin
    think about it......................
    RabeNA ma3AKoM
  • yep thats exactly it and wat i said lol

    pray for me ;)
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