just wondering?

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hi, i was juss wonderin, wat u did if u had a lot of things to do at home. lke studyin and u rely had no time to pray . wat do u ppls do, cuz i usually try to fit everythin in my schedule. but sometimes its lke u hav no option. but ur rely kinda also neglecting god. i hope im makin sense.

plzzz send all of ur thoughts and suggestions.


  • I get exactly what you are saying. It is very hard to make time for the things one wants to do in this world. We have so many things to do it gets disorienting. This is a tool the devil uses to get people to become lazy with God and not want to pray or read the Bible or anything with God. I wish i could tell you some advice but the only thing i can think of is that you can pray or read the Bible before you do your homework. I should really be following my own advice but i am having a problem with this to. Hopefully someone else can be of more help.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • hi i understand that you're too busy, but you have to put god first before anything
    like while you're studying don't you want god to help you to understand what's you're reading
    think about it do you think that it will take a min for you to study
    how long does it take you to read 1 chapt of the bible 5 min at the most that if it is so long
    come on if you have time to write this letter then you should have some time left
    trust me you can organize you time if you just put in your head that first thing i should do is praying and see the result you would even have more time after studying, but don't forget pray before study
    its so important
  • Selefana is absolutely right i couldn't agree more and will acutually try that. so should you
  • honestly
    i pretend i'm sleepin but instead i just start talkin 2 god and buliding my realationship with him
  • thank u all. ur all rite. ill try to that all the time. yes and god does want us to build a relationship w/ him. ur write copticluva. wat do u meen u pretend to sleep. do u meen so that no onenos. ??
  • a bishop was once asked..well see u know how ur a bishop n all. isnt ur day all busy for prayers and everything and his reply was..the more busy my day is the more i need to leave time for prayer

    contemplation: the more busy our lives are the more time we need to spare it ot god to bless our day!
  • ya mahraeel.....
    i mean that i go in my bed
    evry1 in the house thinks im sleeping
    instead im talking 2 GOD(i luv u god)
    Rabena ma3akom
  • oh thx sry for misunderstanding.
  • whenever i have a busy day i set my alarm clock to wake me up extra early so i could pray and read the Bible. yes, that means loss of sleep(tear) but anything for God:)
  • good idea but the thing is im a sleepy person and if i ask god to help me wake up i stil dont :(
  • stop wondering and start doing

    5 mins of prayer aint gonna interrupt ur busy life schedule, after all GOD does come first right??????

    dont make excuses and make time for God, its the least we can do
  • yes ur rite lol funny sentence in beginning.
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