I'm so worried about my dad

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Hi all
I have a problem that just happened a day ago. My dad went for a checkup, and the doctor told him that he has very high blood pressure and that he might end up by a stroke, I'm very very very upset when i heard that from my dad and i'm not quite sure about what to do, i feel upset, and i feel that my dad is worried as well.

please help me :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(


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    Hey how is it going??
    I really really understand what you are in and how much it is painful to see a dear person to you in pain. but what i want you to know is only one thing lol: God has a control over everything in our life, and the problem that your friend is having happened to many people before and they done the operation and they are living a very happy life. Doctors sometimes make things bigger than what they are. Lol i will tell you something that happened with me, about 5 years ago, my mum went for a general checkup, suddenly the doctor told her that she has very high cholestrol and that she will never live more than 3 or 4 years. But when my mum took the medicine and stuff, she went alright, and thank God that she is living now with a good health. So lol don't worry so much, leave everything in God's hand okkkkkkk.

    Lots of luv

    I recall that you have mentioned this earlier in another post. Do not worry. As you have mentioned before, if you rely on God and "leave everything in God's hand" you should not worry. I know that you know this and let your trust in God and faith in Him be your strength!

    Please pray for me always,
    Believer in God
  • Don't worry baladoos!

    Everything is going to be ok!
  • all i have to tell you is pray pray with all your might. i know how you feel my father has high blood pressure too. and it worries me sometimes when he gets angrey and mad. so pray and try not to get your father mad or angrey and im sure he will be fine. god bless you ;)
  • not to worry...
    most ppl have high blood pressure and they are just fine, just make sure that he takes his medications (if any) on a timely basis, and he'll be just fine.

    plus prayer is your friend.
  • Tell him to lay off the salt and drink hibiscus.
  • both of my parents have high blood pressure, and my uncle died from a stroke three yrs ago, so i know exactly how you feel. Just remember that god is with you no matter what.

    Mut Khufsh
    Seeb kooloo le rabbinna
  • Dont worry just pray to god and god will take care of the problem
  • most ppl do have blood pressure, my dad has it like majorly, and now takes medication, don't worry and be thankful that they discovered that b4 anything happens, we found out when we were in the hospital, my dad almost had a stroke,,,,,2 times ( both times landed him 3 days of hospital) so yea. but don't worry, really, its pretty minor!! :)
  • if you are really worried than pray to god and ASK GOD TO HELP YOU
  • look ya baladoos. the only thing u can do is to pray to God with all ur mite. okay. u have to pray to him all the time. put ur trust n the lord and he shall help u.
  • first of all.... sory 4 the news
    second, i will pray 4 him and so should u
    the Lord knows wat he is doing and will not let anything bad happen..... the Lord will here your prayer and will answer u..... maybe today, tomorow, or maybe even after tomorow..............
  • Hello all
    Thanks very much for your caring and help
    Well thank God everything is going alright, our family is just a bit stressed and pressures coz of some problems happening to my brother. I hope that God will pass away the time of temptation fast,


  • dont worry, and dont make him upset with you [i am not saying that you do], most importantly pray!

  • You should definately pray (that's always #1), but maybe you could also talk to your dad and encourage him to make some life style changes, like eating a healthy diet and excerising? I mean, high blood presure is preventable, and we should take care of the body that God gave us.
  • Hey Baladoos, I understand how it feels to see someone you love in pain, but what you can do is pray for him and show him that you are there for him no matter what, spending time with your loved ones is really important, and this may not be scientifically proven or anything, but i assure you the more love and kindness you show him the faster he'll heal. If you ever need to talk remember that I'm always here for a helping hand.  :)
  • don't let him feel that ur worried. because if u show him that u are so worried and u can't think of anything except that he will get worried about u. most of the time show him that u really love ur dad. like help him around the house or something.
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