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Hi everyone! Here's a theory i wanted to share on how the world may have been created.

Seeing how Noah's Flood rained for 40 days and 40 nights, and how the waters reached above the tallest of mountains, could it have been possible that this ongoing rain could have split the earth? I mean, could have God created Pangaea, which would have later split into the continents we now live in? Wouldn't the flood have had enough power to shift the earth's crust beneath?

And this would also explain how Noah found many of the world's animals: The earth was just one piece of land that they could have travelled around to get them. To further show how Pangaea may have existed, the centre of it is approximately where the Garden of Eden may have been (i think Iraq or Iran. Excuse my geography if this opinion is not true)? All of this may have been true because the flood split the earth after these events. Also dinosaurs may have existed only near the edge of Pangaea and so Noah may have not been able to travel that far to acquire them (Just a hunch...)

The Flood would also explain that humans have not 'lived for millions of years'. According to the Theory of Plate Tectonics, scientists say that the earth's continents are on large crustal plates that move by convection currents. The thing with this is that the movement of the plates would have taken millions of years to move into their current positions if they came from Pangaea. If the Flood did exist, it would have been able to move the earth's crustal plates much quicker, in probably 40 days and nights...

But all these questions and rushed explanations are just theories that i thought of that may be a plausible explanation to everything in the Bible. If any one can help out with these theories or give their opinions, it would be highly appreciated.

God Bless (and Hope i made sense... :P)



  • We will never know!!!

    However in regards to ur theory about plate techtonics, that takes millions of yrs to occur, however man hasnt been on earth that long if u work out time from the genalogy.

  • the Bible says that after the flood Noahs family shifted from place to place. Such as Misraim who moved into the land of Egypt. These people were not advanced enough to have such small boats to move. Yes it is true that Noah built the ark but Noah was and old man who had experience, he was also guided by the spirit of God.
  • Yes, God may have spiritualy guided Noah to build the ark, but his sons would of also been able to make them. i think this sort of technology would of been passed down between generations, allowing other nations to migrate into their current locations. I think personally that God would have allowed them to use boats after the world split.

    Also if Pangaea was created then humans would not have needed to use boats until after the flood...
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