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Growing up i wasn't really exposed to many things. I've been going to a Coptic School since i was 10 [now 15] and for a few years, the majority of my friends have been Coptic Orthodox. I am now in a situation where there is a bigg chance i will be changing schools, and i'm worrieed. i'm worried about the way other people are going to influence me and i'm worried about my spiritual life gowing downhill since i won't be around praise and prayer for most of my time any more. i know that i will have to go out into the world one day and meet other people who are non-christians.. but i'll be ready for it then.. i hope . ? at the moment i'm at an age where my friends have HUGEE influence on my behaviour, morals and values. for example if someone swears alot around me soon my ears will be used to it and that might lead to swearing myself. this concept applies to many other issues aswell.

i want to know how others who have to live with these things every day deal with it and keep your eyes focussed on the prize, heaven. how do you keep yourself from getting caught up in worldly things and leaving the Lord behind ? plzz reply ..


  • You state that you might be changing schools? Are you by any, uncanny way moving from St. Marks College to another school in Sydney's West? Because thats what happened to me an i felt the same way.

    Even if you dont go to St. Mark's (You said your in a Coptic School, so im guessing its St. Mark's) or are moving to the same school i went to, you shouldnt worry. If you really and truly desire to be with God, He'll help you become stronger by ignoring such negative influences. Just keep praying and caring for your spiritual life and nothing bad will happen that you cant handle...

    Hope i helped...+CD+
  • Yes and Yes .. lol. I am moving out of St Marks.. and I might be moving to anothe school in the west .. :P

    I know I will at the beginning.. but what about in 3 years time ? I don't trust myself enough to say that i will stay on track.. I let myself down soo many times. I guess the onlee thing i can do is try & leave the rest up to God.. Please keep me in your prayers pplz. I NEED IT !
  • com\ntiue ur spiritual life and ask God to help u in the new school

  • yeah.. thats ah bit of a challenge since i cant maintain a descent relationship with God while amongst my friends now.. iim gonnaa need LOTS of encouragement && prayer !
  • Hizz_child

    if god owns ur heart, then there is no worries!!! ;)
  • Just choose the right friends. Don't make friends with anyone you meet but select just those who are worth to be a friend of you. Think well about this because influence from bad or wrong friends can be very very big.

    God be with you.
  • I'll try, please keep me in your prayers always. thankyou :)
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