Traveling to our Homeland Egypt

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guys, my closest bestest friend whom i consider a sister by blood is going to egypt for uni, im happy for her ofcourse and im guna miss her. i ask you guys to list things u would do if u had a chance to visit the sand land. i for one would go back to the monistary of st anthony, most beautiful experience i have partaken in my life. (except the smell) lol


  • yes monestries..

    St shenouda was the best for me...

    i would just WALK through the streets

    so dome shoopeing..


  • All the churhces in Old Cairo, St Mina's Monastery, The Monasteries of Wadi el Natroon, the Church of St Samaan el Kharaz (the smell may be a recurrent issue here) but the church is AMAZING!

    Of course non-Christian places like Sharm el Sheikh, Khan el Khalili, Alexandria, The Egyptian Museum etc...

  • actually they have a church in Sharm el Sheikh now
  • I LOVE ST> MINA's monestary!
    i visited last summer and it BEAUTIFUL! it is sooo big now lots and lots of monks! and i meet raaeas el dear, and believe it or not he was the one sitting at the main door greating everyone! he is name is anba mina!
    and monestaries at waid el natroun!
    wow.......... words can NOT DESCRIBE!
    you are gonna get this inner peace! rgt when u walk in there! the smell of incense! OMG!!! awesome!
    el anba beshoy monestary: i have heard long back he had his hand out for ppl to shake it and it was like our hands!! but the monestary was forced to put the hand back inside!
    ohh...yeah i forgot! also el anba beshoy monestary has a a gammaa ( moseque) infront of it, and everytime they finish building the gamaa`, it falls all by it self! and so on! pretty funny when i heard it!
    truley god's work is pretty amazing!
    pray for me
    ur sis in faith
  • oo......... one more thing
    the last time i was in sharam el shiekh
    the hotel i stayed in got bombed! it was last summer! in July of '05!
    so whoever is going to sharam el shiekh need to pray first and confess and take communion!!
    it is true whoever said
    " masr heya ommi" " masr oom el donyea" translate " egypt is my mother" " egypt is the mother of the world"
  • i was in egypt 2 yrs ago

    FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOO MUCH FUN and i visted lots of monasteries its very nice if any of u r gouin to alexandria u HAVE to go to el mamourraaa and stuff like that it rox
  • hi marmara327
    i think it is my job to guide our friends from when they come to alex.i`m the one living there not u >:(

  • hey ya babba shnoda

    just cuz we live away from egypt, that doesn' t mean we can NOT describe how " it feels like home" kind of a place!!!


  • [quote author=shnoda link=board=10;threadid=4362;start=0#msg60900 date=1158486669]
    hi marmara327
    i think it is my job to guide our friends from when they come to alex.i`m the one living there not u >:(


  • :) :) ;) :Ddude church's in egypt each break

    like summer break or winter break or spring

    they be taking trips around the state of egypt
    last summer infact i went to all monastaries and all the ancient churches and the only monastary i didnt go to was

    st.helen ? i think the one tht is in the middle of the sinai i think lol the one tht got the burning bush thts all i know

    if i had the abililty to survive the heat i would of went
    but there's no way to endure it


    but u knw if i get the chance to go to egypt this winter il will for sure
    will go

    i would like so love to see the burning bush

    man tht would be so freckin awesome !!!!!!!! :P :-* :-* :-* ;D ;)
  • hey bigmak,

    i went to st. helen monestary in sina, abt 3 summers ago! it v.v.v.v..v.v.v.vvv.v.v.v. HOT, but the monestary was pretty awesome! i think it is catholic monestary cuz the monks there didn't speak arabic/coptic and i saw her hand ofcourse it was cut from her body, with jewelry on it! it is a pretty monestary! it is like in the middle of the desert! i have postcards!!! i will see if i can attach them later!!

  • [move]st. gerge monastary........the bom(st.mina 2)[/move]
  • st pauls monastery, all the monastaries. the red sea. i would go see the tree of st john the short, and anythinlke that of the old testament maybe. i would check out everythin.
  • St anthony's monastery is the best. I say the altar he is buried under, i saw the altar he used to pray in. I saw the water thjat is still running and they don't know where it is coming from since the monastery is in the middle of the desert. I went a 2 hour walk up the mountains ot go to his cave(it is sooooooo tiring). And there is so many saints like el anba Morkos al Antony which many monks see coming out of his tomb to light the candle above his body if abouna forgets to. Also al anba wosab al aba7 whose body hasn't changed since he passed away.
  • heyy I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE EGYPT i just went this winter in Christmas actually its BEAUTIFUL except for ofcourse the pollution, crowdiness ( haha thats not even a word :D) and the cars honking every 2 seconds. BUT I LOVE MY LAND anyways i think someone mentioned that deir anba boula has St. John the short's tree???:S isnt St Johns tree in deir el sourian?? cause im MORE than sure that i saw the tree there, BTW ITS AN AMAZING MONASTARY u see the rope anba pishoy used to tie his hair. ALSO deir el baramos ye GANIN, i saw the cell of st. MAximus and Dometius, kol adurat eskendria helwa we adurat masr el adeema malyana barakat!!
    id do anything to go back
    salooley keteer,
  • What is soo funny is that, when I used to live there, I didn't bother to enjoy my birth country, but now since I am away, I wish and dream every second to go there. But not at this moment, because when you have death in the family (Ba3ed el shar) you would NOT want to see that big of a change that happened, not seeing that person anymore, that is how I feel now I do NOT wish to go back to egypt because I don't want to see the big change that happened in my family there because of the death that took place.
  • Bent Baba yaou3, it is the same with me. I went to egypt this summer and my grandpa was there, a month later he passed away, so now i don't want to go back really, it is going to be different.
  • and Enough, yes saint john's the short tree is in Der al Sourian, i saw it there too. And Der el baramous is fabulous too, i agree
  • I am not sure if i visited any monestaries in waid el natroun. I might when i was little!

    St. Mina Monestary is beautiful, anba barsom el 3eryan is also a beatiful one! The tree resemples a cross! wow......
  • go shopping, go to church and go to the monastaries, it is really hot there,but u feel peace when u r there [atleast i did],go to st. abousifen merceriuos and all of the other monastaries that u can go to. Have fun!!!!!

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