discrimination against egyptians



  • Turn the other cheek and tell the person who is higher then him....God...not the princple...Pray to God the Most High and sit back and watch mircales happen
  • two words that will help you
    also you might want to tell a frinend about this like a sunday school techer, i did and he helped me a lot and now im friends with the kids.
  • Dear egyptianorthobeaut,

    I have read all three pages of posts to your initial question, and I see a pattern that we should all be concerned about. Bullies will pick on those they perceive as weak and attack them for any difference the bully feels he or she can score on. America has always been racist and anti-immigrant, no matter what the propaganda in the history books tells you. Right now with this so-called "war against terror," Amercians have become even uglier than they usually are.

    Yes, we are Christians first, people who should turn the other cheek and suffer as Christ did the evils of this world. But we are also human beings who belong to a Democracy that officially says it stands for the rights of all peoples. I believe that there is no contradiction between these two identities.

    Those who told you to go to the principal with your complaint were not counselling you to do anything unChristian. It is ok to expect the schools to protect you from bullies. If they don't provide such protection, the schools should be sued in court to keep their promise that no individual student should be abandoned to suffer. Justice is important. "Tough love" for the bully is really an act of Charity. Making yourself into a soft target for continuing attacks is actually enabling him to stay in his own personal hell. Go to the principal. And bring your parents with you.

    All of you, before you go off on me, must realize that I am an "Anglo" American who converted to Orthodoxy in 1990. Yes, I'm not only a "euro-american" with roots back to the Mayflower, I am also an adult (older than anyone here could even imagine!). I am concerned for all of you who have been attacked by these evil fools. Martin Luther King, Jr., was right. Freedom isn't free. We have a duty to stand up for what is right and to oppose what is evil. Racism and zenophobia (fear of foreigners) are twin evils we as Christians must not allow to take over this country. Don't be afraid to tell the truth, even if kids in school say you "ragged" on somebody.

  • Egyptianorthobeaut,
    Everyone goes through the same experiences at one point in their lives. You know when I was in elementary, I used to be made fun of because I'm Egyptian, too. I was different than the rest of them and I knew it; but after many years of suffering, I finally realized that being Egyptian makes me special. When they saw the confidence that I had in who I am, they stopped teasing me and began to ask questions. I found out that they were only teasing me because I had something that they knew nothing about. Now, whenever I introduce myself to a class or something, I say: Hi my name is Marina and I'm Egyptian. People always look at me with wonder and ask if I can say anything in Arabic, to which I say: yes I can!

    Be proud of who you are and you will feel better inside and out!

    God Bless all of you! Pray for me always!
  • You may, if you feel entirely cornered and about to explode, ask him a question to place him off gaurd. Ask him, "Are you attempting to stupify yourself in calling me stupid?" At most he will feel bamboozled by the term you have used. However, this suggestion should be discounted if it contradicts what your Father of confession or parents tell you. My little cousine informed me that often times it is necessary to enlighten those who are ignorant of a truth. He suggested that informing your classmate of the ancient Egyptian achievments may blunt his attack gainst you.

    God Bless.
  • the is gmankbadi cousin i would tell you if the kid is telling you that ur egypt and egyptians are stupid ask him this if egyptians are stupid how did the build such a great civilization how could they have built the great pyramids and how the were the first to study the stars and how were the first to figure out how to mummify someone that is died to make his bones not rot ask him that and see what he says
  • Why all the fuss? Ignore him..obviously, he's immature so just forget em..
  • Considering that the Egyptians invented toilet paper, the number zero, the basics of engineering and construction, embalming etc... then inform him that Egyptians are most definately not "stupid".

    Then consult any form of authority at your school to get him to stop because in Western nations, there is ZERO tolerance for discrimination
  • i think that he should just stop bugging you and he likes to make fun of egyptians try to get some like 5 other friends that are egyptians that you know and keep backing each other up and he will get scared and maybe stop bugging like in some bully cases if you stick with a friend the bully will back down and dont let anyone push you around and if he keeps bugging you and wont stop tell a parent or adult that you trust like your mom or dad or princpal or someone that can do something about it not just sit there
  • i also agree that egyptians are smart and formed a great civilations read what i said earlier and use that also :)
  • firstly, sensitivity is very cute (in the most christian sense)
    secondly, let it fly, Jesus of Nazereth was spit on and killed, u can handle a few words, so what stupid egyptian stupid canadian stupid american, were all nothing more then dust.
  • You know, I know it may hurt being called these things. But believe it or not its a blessing. Our Lord was humiliated, spat on, and mocked. When this person makes fun of you next time think, "the same thing happened to my Lord, this is a blessing for me". Than pray for him in your head on the spot.
  • u r right, and another thing yes let it fly but dont believe a single word these kind of people say, are are equal to anyone else no matter egyptian, american, asian whateva and you are not less than them in anything and God bless
  • who cares what they think?...remember what God says: "A blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the LORD of hosts has blessed, saying, 'Blessed is Egypt, My people" Isaiah 19:25
  • I don't have any particular solutions for you but I just want to tell you that you are not alone and at least you ARE in a country where you can use the law to stop anyone from calling you names or making fun of your origins.

    I want you to realize my dear that young people your age, younger and older are being not only discriminated against verbally, but also beaten, kidnapped and even killed because of their faith or their race/descendance. Think of all the young Copts in Egypt or any other muslim country where hatred is fed into children before they can even speak or understand.

    I lived through that before coming to Canada...I was constantly made fun of because of my religion, the only difference is that I had no law to protect me, I had no prinicpal or teacher that would sympathize with my cause. They would probably have congratulated that kid that hit me or insulted me.

    So thank the Lord that you can be protected and ask your counsellors at school about the kind of regulations that will apply to your case and remember what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

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