the thief came back..

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This time he wanted $10 from me... he says to buy something.. I do not know if this is good thinking.. but I did not want to give the $10 to him because I think he stole other money from other people..
he said I talk too much.. he was loud and violent in voice, words and facial expression maybe 3 or more times.. each time me saying some things maybe related to his condition and God to get him to think maybe.. but he did not want to listen it seems and he was getting violent and swearing so I gave him $10 ..

I do not know if I sinned by giving him $10..
I think maybe not..
Should I call the police? but how will they catch him?
and is it right to try to get the police to catch him? Maybe I could be a better witness for Christ if I do not tell on him.. so he can be won over by love or something..

I do not know if I made much sense..

Pray for me Gods Children..


  • I don't understand. Who is this person who asked you for money, and for what purpose did he ask you specifically?
  • hey

    Iqbal this is a continuation from a previous thread

    and jesusiskingofkings i think u should definitely call the police u may have been a victim of an assault just by him threatening u in that manner. this person is not doing the right thing and needs to be stopped otherwise he will do the same thing over and over. u should report it and let the police do their job.

    as for winning him over by love well he may realise his wrongdoing in gaol and repent who knows gaol is meant to rehabilitate.

  • Its a good thing to be a witness for Christ and win someone over through love. But you also need to understand that it is NOT wrong to report a criminal to the police you'd be doing yourself a favour and possibly protecting other potential victims.

    Now I haven't read your previous thread and I'm not sure who you're talking about exactly but please report that person if he/she keeps doing that... you could at least get a restraining order (I think that's what its called) which will prevent him/her from coming within a certain parameter around you.
  • hey,
    you should tell your parents and let them take care of it!
    cuz what happened if that guy had some kind of a weapon next time and u refused to give some money! and god forbide he hurts u!
    or who knows he might hurt others who refused giving him money! so that man has a problem! and u need to do somen about it or it is gonna get worse and somebody might get hurt!
    so tell ur parents and i am sure they are gonna handle it!
    pray for me
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