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Hey everyone im really having a difficult time right now and for a while. You see I like going on chat rooms about religion and seeing what people have to say about our lord, but on this website I use to go on and still do sometimes i always see people who curse my God and tell lies calling the holy bible man made, Jesus a liar, the gospels untrue, God being something created by man, or Christianity as a whole being called a cult rather than a religion.

Many times I have tried answering these people and even when I do anwser there question its like they dont care. I know it is there choice to believe what they want but it really does hurt me so much to hear all these bad things said about my savior.

The other day i read post after post of blasphemy and even when I answered them back they keep going, its as if they DONT want to know God. And i know this is the devil work but isnt the word of God more powerfull than the devils work?

I really hate hearing these things they say, Jews calling Jesus a liar and a man who did not fufill any of the prophecies, muslims calling the second greatest prophet after muhammed, athiest calling God EVIL...its too much, I really dont know why Jesus Christ allows all these things to be said about him, he is the King of KIngs.

N e wayz if anyone can tell me what I should do or help me out in any way plz do. Thanks.


  • Hey Meena, How are you, from what you are telling, I do really suggest that you actually stop going to chat rooms and listening to these staff, coz the staff that you hear might affect your faith and believe as well. The devil will easily use what these people say and will tempt and make you doubt about our faith and about our lord Jesus Christ. By the way don't think that going to these chatting rooms and talking to these people about the faith that this is a way of preaching the word of GOD b/c you have to really care about the salvation of yourself first and if anything is going to affect your faith and salvation then you shouldn't really do it. Also going to these chatting rooms and listening to people that curse our lord is not very good isn't it. It will annoy the holy Spirit inside you, so Lol my own suggestion is that you stop going to these chatting rooms because I am sure that you will never get into any solution with the people that try to curse GOD



  • I really dont know why Jesus Christ allows all these things to be said about him, he is the King of KIngs.

    God is the Merciful Creator of mankind, and he gave man free-will. God would no-doubt prefer if man heeded His word and loved Him as He loves them; however, since man has free-will, God allows man to commit evil as well as good; because if God forced men to do good, it would not be of his own free will, and men would essentially be robots, which is not what God wants of men.
  • hello

    maybe u can name the websites u are visiting so that if anyone from here is experienced enough, which im sure there are, they may be able to reply to such comments.

    another thing which country of origin is this website from??

    u can PM me to let me know if u like


  • Thanks hanny I have been trying to stop visiting these websites, as for my faith, no, they can never take that away from me, the only reason i started going on this website is to see what people think and to learn more about Jesus. You see, i listen to what they have to say and if they are trying to prove something about jesus that is incorrect, I will research it myself, and everytime i do research it I seem to learn more about Jesus and my faith increases. To be honest hanny, my faith has never been as strong as it is now thanks to that website. But you are right and i will stop going on that site, I just cant stand the way they talk about the man who died for them.

    WMA yes your right, I know that God gave man free will, for if he forced man to love him, how than will he reward them in heaven? Man will become as you said Robots, God does not want a bunch of people who love him because he forced them to, but to love them out of there own free will. God loves us to the extent that he created us in HIS image, not even the angels in heaven are created in his image.

    Kristina, if you would like to visit these sites or know anyone who knows a lot about Christianity here is the website www.perspectives.com When you go to it make sure you go to the religious debate section, Im not sure where the origin of this website is from but most people there are American, however there are people from all over the world on that site. However, as hanny suggested, I dont think you should go there.
  • Hi Meena,
    the first and best help is to learn your scriptures well. Concentrate on understanding all the tenents of Christainity as all the challenges will centre around these and events that led to them.
    For example, Trinity,Atonement, Ressurrection, Salvation,Original sin Cruxifiction etc etc.
    You must learn and appreciate detail explainations on these and more. You may not have serious challenges on the basics commandments.
    My father was Christian and mother a muslim.
    I attended church and was part of my church choir but I am now a practising Muslim.
    You will get the greatest challenge from muslims but NO MUSLIM OF SUBSTANCE WILL INSULT ANY PROPHET!
    I learn the scriptures daily and pray for guidance and protection from satan.
    I learn every day and from this particular site, I have enjoyed great lessons and new explainations from the likes of Igbal, Princessmary etc.

  • hey wats up meena.. i thik its horrible that theyr doing this but if u cant stand to hear this then dont , just pray for all these ppl, pray that they "see the light" oned ay , pray taht they turn there ways around some how, pray can do a lot , trust me , just keep ur spiritual life up , dont let them get in the way , maybe u can study up on the religion and show them amazing things taht happen, my parents listen to pal talk , it all in arabic so i realli dont understand that much but they tell me these crazy stories of how a lotta egyptians muslims r converting in egypt bcuz of all these miracles that happens to them , pray taht a miracle happens to these ppl that dont believe or maybe they can hear about miracles that happens .. but anyway dont argue with them.. u wnat to eminate the love of christ so taht they dont get the wrong picture .. k gluck dude
  • Thanks tk for ur response, and thanks Jesus_LuVs_u, i do pray for those who cannot see the truth, but it is still their decision, theres a difference between wanted to know the truth and being held back by satan, and NOT wanted to know the truth and being held down with satan. I pray for those who want to know God, because Jesus will reveal himself to them. but for those who dont want to know God but there main goal is just to convert everyone into their pagan religion, I dont bother praying for.
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