I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, this is my first post. I'am a catholic and wondering how does one convert to the coptic orthodox church.


  • You must simply go in one. Then after the Litergy is over you must have a private talk with the prist. I think you make ahve to become babtised but I don't know about that. It is a very simple process and will change your life forever for the good.
  • You must simply go in one. Then after the Litergy is over you must have a private talk with the prist. I think you make ahve to become babtised but I don't know about that. It is a very simple process and will change your life forever for the good.

    I think it is a bit longer than this, but as you said it is a very simple process. A few weeks ago I approached my nearest Coptic Orthodox Church and spoke to the Priest there regarding becoming Baptised. He asked that I go to a few Bible Study lessons, and speak with him afterwards about the Church and any problems I had etc. I've still yet to be Baptised, but I do know that you do need to Baptised in the Orthodox Church before you become a part of it, so I really hope to get Baptised soon as well.

    Also, I don't think you can attend the Liturgy [The taking of Bread and Wine] unless you are Baptised. Also, after you are Baptised I believe you have to accept the Body and Blood of Christ [Bread and Wine].
  • Hi Jon and welcome to Tasbeha!

    WMA summed it up quite well, but i would like to add a bit more detail to help you understand the process a bit more.

    I remember one of my parish priests talking to us about it and i have witnessed and know people who have converted.

    The fist step, as WMA clearly stated, is to go to your nearest Coptic Church and tell one of the priests that you wish to convert. Depending on the priest, they may suggest that you attend sermons, meetings, etc., but most likely they will ask you to attend the first half of the Liturgy on Sunday to give you an insight on our church (This part of the liturgy is known as the liturgy of the catechumens).

    Soon after a period of time (I dont know how long, to be honest), the priest will arrange a time for you to get Baptised, have Confirmation/Chrismation and have Holy Communion on that day.

    Yeah, that's all there is to it. i dont need to mention the fact that you need to be dedicated to this, since you have shown it by openly asking about conversion...

    So i hope i've helped and God Bless :)
  • Greetings Jon,

    May God bless you on your journey.

    As a person who has converted, I would like to answer your question. You probably do not even need to say you want to convert, you can contact the local priest and tell him you are interested in learning more about the Coptic Orthodox Church. He may suggest meeting with you beforehand so that he can take the time to answer any immediate questions you might have and to give you information about the Church and the Liturgy.

    You will most likely be able to attend an entire Liturgy; however, it is true that until you are baptized you would not be able to take communion.

    Additionally, the difficult piece of your question is the exact steps that you would need to take. It is my understanding that there is no set curriculum to prepare believers for baptism. However, most priests will want you to be very informed about the Church before making your decision. For example I was given a number of books one at time to read. After, sometimes during, my reading I would sit down with the priest and we would discuss the book. I did this for about a year prior to my baptism. However, it was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed it.

    In addition to this website, another wonderful website that provides a lot of information about the faith is

    God bless,

  • You have all been helpful and I will be looking forward to being a part of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

    God bless you all.
  • and we will certainly get ur blessings...

    another suggestion is that u start of by knowing the differences between catholic and Copt. Orthodox...
  • God bless You ;)
  • Actually to answer your question, I was just baptised Coptic Orthodox on Baptism Sunday, so that I could celebrate the Easter feast. I joined the fast long before I was baptised to prepare myself and see if this is what I wanted. God will help you, TRUST ME! It was the most beautiful experience of my life. One day I will tell the story of how I found the Coptic Church, but for now.. you just need to contact the church in your area or the church you want to attend. You will meet with the priest and see where your head is at. Be honest with yourself. You will learn the orgin of the church and all the sacraments. If your catholic some of them will be familiar. You will learn the churchs viewpoint on world issues, life in general etc etc. I suggest you attend the church liturgy entirely and any meetings that interest you, because it is awww so beautiful not to mention you need to experience as much as possible. Not being able to partake of the communion will only push your desire to fulfill all you have to do to become Coptic. You are in God's hand, just trust that he will take care of you.

    God Bless you on your Journey!
  • Anastasia,

    it is a great blessing to have you, a new convert, among us.

    Welcome and I wish you a great spiritual journey in the steps of Christ, our Lord and King and Savior, the Son of the Living God, to whom is glory forever.
  • Welcome and here are some tips, you may want to go to nearest one, you have to stand in the back, I think it's been the same way ever since, you are not allowed to take communion for you have to be baptised the coptic orthodox way, talk to the priest, and than after some organization and he has okayed it than you have to be baptised and have myron on you, I think!

    Coptic Servent
  • haiie guys sorry to interrupt but i heard that once yuve been baptised in any christian church yu cant be baptised a second time.. thats obviouslii not true lol.. can someone please clarify the conditions of baptismm :D thankyuuu

    and hope you go well on your journey JonFromSanDimas ;D;D;D,, iit will change yur lifee..

    thax heaps guys
    +God Bless
  • SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: The First Sacrament
    (spirituality and steps in the Coptic Orthodox Church)

    For converted brethren and sisters: we are happy and honored. Congratulations :)

    We are sincerely praying for you all and for you Jon.
    Pray for us.

  • Thank you John_S2000 and everyone else here for helping me.

    All of you will be in my prayers.
  • Our pleasure :)

    You do not have to stand in the back, you just can't take communion. In fact I suggest you stand near the front, especially during the Divine Liturgies. What happens in the altar is a beautiful sacrament, and I love being in the front row to see it.
  • Just out of curiousity, how did you all come to find the Coptic church? (It always makes me happy when people join us, and I'd like to know how effectively we're spreading the word.) :)

    God Bless.
  • I found the Coptic church through my Egyptian friend, as well as on my own I can't really explain why as I have no idea myself of why I want to convert except its how I refound faith.

    God bless you all.
  • [quote author=Christ4Life link=board=12;threadid=3961;start=0#msg55925 date=1149537465]
    Our pleasure :)

    You do not have to stand in the back, you just can't take communion. In fact I suggest you stand near the front, especially during the Divine Liturgies. What happens in the altar is a beautiful sacrament, and I love being in the front row to see it.

    just on that i agree 100% with christ4life... u GOTTA sit in the front seat it is so awesome i oops how rude of me im sorry WELCOME first and May God bless u and help u... i think the best things u will find in coptic orthodoxy and u will enjoy very very much is first the Holy Liturgy that is filled with many blessings and also the midnight praise... o my goodness it rips anything ;) gr8 to have u with us. :D

  • Yes and may i add two things...not only sit in the fron BUT ALSO come from the beginning of the MASS (those who seek me in the morning will find me) and have a good night sleep before the mass (because if i dont i WILL sleep through the mass because of how tired i am) oh and dont forget to try sing along with the deacons!!
  • just on that point make sure u come before the offerty the best time to go is in matins or salat el baker. memba that the nyt before there is no tv but ur whole focus is on God thats y there is vespers which is preparation and there is midnight praise after that it roooooooocks.... and yes one way not to be bored in the mass is if u sing along... doesnt matter bout the voice... just the heart ;)

  • Maybe I'm wrong, but it might be better to sit a row or two from the front so that there's someone in front of you that you can follow. It isn't that big of a deal, though.
  • well u should start bi learning everything there is to being a oryhodox. it is quite strict but simple. ull be very happy.

    welcome may god be with u all. pray for me and mi weakness.
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Why convert? Because the fulness of the Faith is to be found in the Orthodox Church.

    I have spent most of my life as an Anglican, and I love and admire my old Church, which does (as do other Churches) much good in the world.

    But today, I was received into the British Orthodox Church, which is part of the Coptic Church, and all I can say is that I have never experienced a spiritual feeling so profound.

    That is why I am a member of the Orthodox Church - because it is the best spiritual hospital I know - and as we are all in need of spiritual healing, where else would I go except the best spiritual hospital?

    In Christ,

  • Wow great to hear.. and welcome to our beloved Church John.. we r more than glad that you like it :D

  • This is soo great that you have decided to enter the coptic orthodox church. The church helps you in so many ways not just spirtualy but also real life issues. so its great. Welcome. :) :) :) :) :)
  • Thank you both for your very kind welcome :) :)

    It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of your great, historic and Holy Church.

    An earlier question asked how people came here, well, in my case, it was through the British Orthodox Church, which comes under the jurisdiction of Alexandria and is charged by the Pope with helping those who are English find their way to the fullness of the Faith in Orthodoxy.

    This is a wonderful example of the way in which His Holiness enables those of us in the west to come into Orthodoxy - as it says in Acts 15, the yoke is not made too heavy.

    In my journey I have encountered many forms of Orthodoxy, but never a welcome as warm as that from the Copts. No disprespect meant to anyone else - but there is something special about the Copts.

    I am hoping to come with my bishop to Egypt later in the year - that really will be awesome if it is possible.

    In Christ,

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